The Sound Of Music (1973)

Elm Street Auditorium
November 9-11, 1973


Member of the Arts and Science Center

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Rodgers’ and Hammersteins’ THE SOUND OF MUSIC

The Sound of Music produced by arrangement with Rodgers and Hammerstein Library, 598 Madison Ave., New York 22, N.Y. MCA Music, 435 Hudson Street, New York, N.Y. 10014.

Cast Members for “The Sound of Music”

Maria Dorothy H. Fontaine

Sister Margaretta Nancy Laudien

Sister Berthe Diane LaFrance

Mother Abbess Dianne Albright

Sister Sophia Constance M. Patti

Captain John Tamanakis

Liesl Lauri Landry

Friedrich John Graham

Louisa Debra Wright

Kurt Mark Jennings

Brigitta Gina Mae Sipe

Marta Marie Bedard

Gretl Karen Wright

Rolf Michael Davids

Elsa Catherine Andruskevich

Max Detweiler Timothy P. Myette

Herr Zeller Daniel Pelletier

Baron Ray Gual

Baroness Millie Wright

Franz Francis Brunelle

Frau Schmidt Grace Bolen

Admiral von Schreiber Ernest Peterson

Chorus Linda Annis,
Irene Batch,
Francesca Bosowski,
Mary Boyd,
Betty Callahan,
Laura L. Cartier,
Wendy Cohen,
Missy Clemons,
Michele Cacace,
Sylvia Dobrowolski,
Pat Florio,
Jill Gidge,
Gisele LaFrance,
Cheryl Powers,
Irene Gordon,
Peggy Mosiman,
Beverly Foster,
Diane Elliot,
Shirley L. Santerre,
Donna Howard,
Susanne Wheat,
Carole Nadeau,
Denise Pelletier,
Susan Dumont,
Sandy Shiebler

Neighbors of Captain Von Trapp; Nuns, Novices, Postulants, Priest, Alter Boys, Contestants in Festival and German Soldiers Al Tamulonis,
Al Bedard,
Frank Bolen,
Tom Gill,
John Lehoullier,
Steve Tamulonis,
And Members of the Chorus


Flute Dorothy Fitch

Clarinet Bernie Prindiville, Gary Toussaint

French Horn Lucille Robbins

Trumpet Bob Davieau, Ken Wilbur

Trombone Ken Altshuler

Violin Anne Egan, Audrey Setterlund

Cello Rowena Carr

String Bass Dick Whorton

Percussion Robert Bullard, Diane Gault


The Actorsingers would like to extend a special thanks to the following.
Without their interest and support “The Sound of Music” would not have been possible.

Church of the Good Shepherd

Rev. Raymond S. Desjardins, St Louis Parish

American Legion

Production Staff for “The Sound of Music”

Production Coordinator Elaine J. Duhamel

Dramatics Director Lorraine Graham

Music Director Kathy Cooney

Pianist Jo Millett

Set Design Carol Goss

Set Construction Warren Tomasian – Chairman,
Harry Strickland,
Russell Clemons

Set Painting Carol Goss,
Stella Cooney,
Dale Cooney,
Dorothy Goodwin

Lighting Harry Strickland

Spot Joel Saren

Sound George King, David King

Stage Manager John Liljeberg

Stage Crew Warren Tomasian, Russell Clemons, James Frost

Rehearsal Pianist Michael Davids, David Gidge

Costume Design Penny Tamulonis – Chairman,
Lorraine Laroche – Co-Chairman

Costume Committee Carolyn Marineau,
Myra Florio,
Marge Thomson,
Cheryl Jennings,
Joan Boyer,
Joni Johnson,
Pat Archambault,
Madeleine Bedard,
Carol Croatti,
Shirley Santerre,
Rita King,
Beverly Bacon,
Irene D. Batch,
Pat Varrah,
Judy Bausha,
Trudy Deihle

Orchestral Co-ordinator Kathy Cooney, Jill Gidge

Properties Laura Winslow, James Murphy, Mary Lynn Graham

Make Up: Claire Anderson – Chairman,
Cathy Hannigan – Co-Chairman

Make Up Crew Fran Gale,
Marilyn Arseneau,
Ellen Johnston,
Lucy Ouellette,
Carol Goss,
Sarah Mercer,
Beth Clark,
Millie Wright,
Joan Frey,
Pearl Ware,
Janice Rockwell,
Trudy Deihle

Hair Design Ellen Johnston, Lucy Ouellette

Programs Linnea Strickland, Angela Tomasian

Program Ads Shirely Santerre, assisted by Helen Kopka

Dance “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” created by Laura Winslow

Tickets Mr. & Mrs. Frank Brunelle – Chairmen,
assisted by Lois and David Brunelle,
Angela Tomasian,
Pauline Gill,
Judy Bausha

Publicity Joan Frey, assisted by Joel Saren

Cast Photographer Joel Saren

Patrons Richard Conner

Posters Carol Goss

House Chairman Sara Gual

Prompter Lois Ann Brunelle

Ushers Rosemary Bolen,
Ann Zanichkowsky,
Linda Tamulonis,
Joanne Pounder,
Dale L’Heureux,
Cheryl Jennings,
Becky Landry,
Robert Santerre,
Al Miller,
Kathy Callahan,
Gene Blouin,
Sandy Wright,
Shirley Gauvin,
Jewel Shanahan,
Sheryl Rosedoff,
Pat Archambault,
Margaret Mosiman,
Carol Poole,
Dick Poole,
Lynn Wright,
Joyce Adams,
Robert Gaul

Concessions Louise King – Chairman,
Judy Chaput,
Fran Peterson,
Bob Callahan,
Betty Badeau,
Bill King

Refreshment at rehearsals Dan Pelletier

Bank Window Display Steve Ducharme

Afterglow Irene D. Batch – Chairman

Membership Millie Wright

Auditions Joel Saren – Chairman,
Anne Benbrook,
Ernest Peterson,
Harry Tong,
Lorraine Graham,
Kathy Cooney,
Jo Millett

With the end of Actorsingers current production, this organization will have presented
forty-seven shows to Nashua audiences in forty productions.

Time: Early in 1938

Place: The Mountains of Austria

Act One

Scene I Nonnberg Abbey

“Preludium” Women’s Chorus

Scene II Mountainside Near the Abbey

“The Sound of Music” Maria

Scene III The Office of the Mother Abbess — The Next Morning

“How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?” Mother Abbess, Sister Sophia, Sister Bertha, Sister Margaretta

“My Favorite Things” Maria

Scene IV A Corridor in the Abbey

Reprise: “My Favorite Things” Maria

Scene V The Living Room of the Trapp Family Villa — That Afternoon

“Do-Re-Mi” Maria and the Children

Scene VI Outside the Trapp Villa — That Evening

“Sixteen Going on Seventeen” Rolf and Liesl

Scene VII Maria’s Bedroom — Later That Evening

“The Lonely Goatherd” Maria and the Children

Scene VIII A Hallway in the Trapp Villa

Scene IX The Terrace of the Trapp Villa — Six Weeks Later

“How Can Love Survive?” Max and Elsa

Reprise: “The Sound of Music” The Children, Maria, and the Captain

Scene X A Hallway in the Trapp Villa — One Week Later

Scene XI The Living Room — The Same Evening

“So Long, Farewell” The Children

Scene XII A Corridor in the Abbey

“Morning Hymn” Women’s Chorus

Scene XIII The Office of the Mother Abbess — Three Days Later

“Climb Every Mountain” Mother Abbess

Act Two

Scene I The Terrace — The Same Day

“No Way to Stop It” Elsa, Max and the Captain

“An Ordinary Couple” Maria and the Captain

Scene II A Corridor in the Abbey — Two Weeks Later

Scene III The Office of the Mother Abbess — Immediately Following

Scene IV The Abbey Chapel

Processional Women’s Chorus

“Canticle” Women’s Chorus

Scene V The Living Room — One Month Later

Reprise: “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” Maria and Liesl

Scene VI The Concert Hall — Three Days Later

Reprise: “Do-Re-Mi” Maria, the Captain and the Children

“Edelweiss” The Captain

Reprise: “So Long, Farewell” Maria, the Captain and the Children

Scene VII The Garden of Nonnberg Abbey — That Night

“Climb Every Mountain” Mother Abbess, Sister Sophia, Sister Berthe, Sister Margaretta, Women’s Chorus


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