Kismet (1972)

Elm Street Auditorium
May 19-20, 1972

The Cast

Lalume Thalia Dulchinos

Caliph Cliff Highnam

Hajj Rod Mansfield

Marsinah Cathy Andruskevich

Wazir Norman Beaudoin

Omar Dan Pelletier

Jawan Raul Gual

Hassan-Ben Bob Frey

Ayah To Zubbediya Joan Frey

Zubbediya Jaye Huebner

Samaris Cheryl Jennings

Princess Ababu No. 1 Pat Florio

Princess Ababu No. 2 Laura Winslow

Princess Ababu No. 3 Connie Hayward

Chief of Police Albert Bedard

Wazir’s Guards Carl Rondina,
Dennis Taff,
Charlie Teahan,
Russell Varney

Chorus Nancy Calkin,
Dennis Carta,
Judy Chaput,
Carol Croatti,
Carl Cudhea,
Pamela Davala,
Sylvia Dobrowolski,
John Florio,
Lucien Gagnon,
Rene Gagnon,
Kay Goranson,
Charles Ivanow,
Steve Juselis,
Richard LaCasse,
Diane LaFrance,
Kevin Lagace,
Barbara Lang,
Lorraine Laroche,
George Lessard,
James Murphy,
Fran Peterson,
Carol Pridgen,
Janice Rockwell,
Peter Saucier,
Celia Shuman,
Don Smith,
Linnea Strickland,
George Szok,
Penny Tamulonis,
Marianne Thompson,
Carlene Walters,
Anne Zanichkowsky

Dancers Patricia Allard,
Michele Cacace,
Carol Goss,
Raelene Harris,
Judy Kolanek,
Dick LaCasse,
Kevin Lagace,
Marguerite Roberts,
Peter Saucier


Violin Stevin Himlick

Violin Adrienne Geanisis

Violin Marilyn Fortado

Cello James Hathaway

Bass Dr. Guy Distasio

Harp Diana Kolben

Clarinet Sharon Flynn

Clarinet Tina Payon

Flute Jill Gidge

Bassoon Helene LeBlanc

Oboe Bruce Faller

Trumpet Cheryl Allen

Trumpet Albin Tamulonis

Trombone Don Wallin

Horn Robert Robbins

Percussion Fred Daly

Percussion Merton Rolfe

Celeste Robert Narkunas


The Actorsingers would like to extend a special thanks to the
following. Without their interest and support “Kismet” would
not have been possible.

Church of the Good Sheppard

Gemini Guild

Heat, incorporated

Persian Rug Gallery

Port O Call

N. E. Aeronautical Institute

Production Staff

Production Co-ordinator Irene D. Batch

Musical Director Jack Blackburn

Dramatics Director Don Lussier

Choreographer Paula Barr

Production Secretary Irene D. Batch

Stage Manager Harry Strickland

Assistant Stage Manager Warren Tomasian

Set Design Carol Goss

Set Construction Harry Strickland, Assisted by
Warren Tomasian, and
Don Smith

Stage Crew Harry Strickland,
Warren Tomasian,
John Liljeberg and
Steve Ducharme

Costumes Raelene Harris and
Carolyn Marineau, Assisted by
Carol Croatti,
Fran Peterson,
Janice Rockwell,
Linnea Strickland,
Penny Tamulonis,
Mary Ann Thompson,
Lorraine Laroche,
Judy Chaput,
Kay Goranson,
Joan Frey,
Myra Florio,
Maureen Sutton,
Pat Racine,
Pat Allard,
Carol Goss,
Jaye Huebner,
Cheryl Jennings,
Juky Kolanek,
Laura Winsolw,
Margueritte Roberts,
Marge Thompson and
Jacqueline Sullivan

Tickets Judy Bausha Assisted by
Penny Tamulonis,
Linnea Strickland,
Angela Tomasian,
Pat Anderson

Lighting Ron Ste. Marie Assisted by
Tony Zeimetz,
Donn Hill,
Irene Ste.Marie,
Sue Eck,
John Briggs,
Steven Duchame

Sound George King

Properties Millie Wright Assisted by
Eliese Atkins,
Wayland Walters and
Irene D. Batch

Publicity Virginia Mammone Assisted by
Janice Rockwell

Programs Joel Saren Assisted by
Dan Pelletier &
Irene D. Batch

Program Photography Joel Saren

Cover Art Carol Goss

Program Advertising Irene D. Batch Assisted by
Joan Frey,
Sara Gual and
Richard LaCasse

Make-up Joan Frey Assisted by
Pearl Ware,
Sandy Highham,
Carolyn Marineau,
Millie Wright,
Anne Broski,
Penny Tamulonis,
Russ Varney and
Irene D. Batch

Ushers John Liljeberg Assisted by
Joyce Aclams,
Kathleen Aksilowicz,
Arlene and Harold Annis,
Jeanne Berube,
Grace and Frank Bolen,
Francesca Bosowski,
Betty Callahan,
Richard Connor,
Diane Desfosses,
Claire and William Dewey,
Robert Fitzpatrick,
Dorothy and Ralph Goodwin,
Lorraine Graham,
Charlene LaRocque,
Sandra and Kenneth Lozeau,
Virginia Mammone and
Maureen Sutton

Refreshments Tom Gill

Auditions George King Assisted by
Dot Marcek,
Frank Graham,
John Cortese,
Pat White,
Jack Blackburn,
Paula Barr and
Bob Narkunas

Patrons Thomas Gill

Membership Millie Wright

Rehearsal Pianist Robert Narkunas

Photographer Don Marcek

Cast Party Fran Bosowski

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act I — From Dawn to Dusk

Scene 1 On the steps of the Mosque

“Sands of Time” Imam

“Rhymes Have I” Poet and Marsinah

“Fate” Poet

Scene 2 A tent just outside the city

“Fate” – Reprise Poet

Scene 3 The Bazaar of the Caravans

“Not Since Nineveh” Lalume, Wazir and Chorus

“Baubles, Bangles and Beads” Marsinah and Chorus

Scene 4 A side street

Scene 5 A garden

“Stranger in Paradise” Caliph and Marsinah

Scene 6 A street not far from the Bazaar

“He’s in Love” Chorus

Scene 7 The throne room of His Exalted Excellency, The Wazir of Police

“Gesticulate” Poet and Mens Chorus

“Fate” Poet

Act II — From Dusk to Dawn

Scene 1 Along the route of the Caliph’s procession

“Night of my Nights” Caliph and Chorus

Scene 2 The garden

“Stranger in Paradise” – Reprise Marsinah

Scene 3 Anteroom of the Wazir’s harem

“Was I Wazir?” Wazir and Mens Chorus

Scene 4 A rooftop pavilion in the Wazir’s Palace

“Rahadlakum” Lalume, the Poet and Ayah

“And This is My Beloved” Poet, Marsinah, Caliph & Wazir

Scene 5 A corridor in the Wazir’s Palace

“The Olive Tree” The Poet

Scene 6 Anteroom to the Wazir’s harem

Scene 7 The ceremonial hall of the Caliph’s Palace

“Zubbediya” Ayah

“The Night of My Nights” – Reprise Caliph and Marsinah

“Sands of Time” – Reprise The Poet

The Actorsingers hope that you have enjoyed the show. Please patronize our advertisers.

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