Oliver! (1971)

Nashua High School Auditorium
May 21-22, 1971


Lionel Bart’s OLIVER

May 21 — 8:15 P.M. — May 22

2:00 P.M. Matinee May 22

Member of the Arts & Science Center

Musical Director Steve Norris

Dramatics Director John Liljeberg

Choreographer Judy Kolanek

Accompanist Jo Millet

Production Secretary Dan Pelletier

Production Co-ordinator Margaret Tamulonis

By arrangement with TAMS-WITMARK MUSIC LIBRARY, INC. 757 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10017

The Actorsingers Welcome you To Spend an evening With “OLIVER”

Cast of Characters

Oliver Twist John Graham

Fagin Frank Harvey

The Artful Dodger Robert Gual

Bill Sikes Robert Frey

Nancy Diane Desfosses

Bet Lynn Graham

Mr. Bumble Don Smith

Mrs. Corney Irene Jefferson

Mr. Brownlow Tom Murray

Mr. Sowerberry Norman Beaudoin

Mrs. Sowerberry Joan Frey

Charlotte Lorraine Collins

Noah Claypole Steven Speare

Dr. Grimwig Dan Pelletier

Mrs. Bedwin Barbara Lang

Old Sally Grace Bolen

Rose Seller Marie Cotterman

Milk Maid Anne Manousos

Strawberry Vendor Betty Callahan

Knife Grinder Gerald Beaudoin

Fagin’s Gang Charles Cole,
Thomas Cole,
Cameron Cudhea,
David Goodwin,
Joe Kandra,
Michael Mansfield,
Peter Maynard,
Wayne Midboe,
Robert Morgan,
Craig Morton,
Thomas Noel,
John Shaw,
Thomas Todebush

Girl’s Chorus Madeleine Bedard,
Mary Bedard,
Valerie Cotterman,
Donna Goodwin,
Lynn Graham,
Debra Harvey,
Cheryl Rosedoff

Adult Chorus Francesca Bosowski,
Betty Callahan,
Lorraine Collins,
Marie Cotterman,
Carol Croati,
Carol Goss,
Anne Manousos,
Maryann Thompson,
Gerald Beaudoin,
Al Bedard,
Myron Kandra,
Bill Lang,
Charles Ivanow,
George Szok

Dancers Constance Hayward,
Pat Mayo,
Laura Winslow,
Candi Firth*,
Peter Chaput,
Ray Gagnon,
Myron Kandra,
George Szok*

* Understudies


Violin Betty Stewart, James Gilmore, Edward Clement

Viola Hector Poulin

Bass Mark Zechel

Flute Jill Haynes

Oboe & English Horn Mark Maryanski

Clarinet Gloria Fraser

Bassoon Linda Goodwin

Trombone Don Wallin

Percussion Donald Ouellette

Special musical arrangements Bob Frey


The Actorsingers would like to extend a special thanks to the following. Without their interest and support “Oliver” would not have been possible.

American Legion

Sanders Associates

Tacy House

Arts & Science Center

Church of the Good Shepherd

Heat, Inc.

Nashua Federal Savings and Loan Assn.

Hampshire Music Co., Inc.

Gate City Electric Co.

Nashua Fire Dept.

D.F. Shea Co.

Production Staff

Stage Manager Warren Tomasian

Assistant Stage Manager Harry Strickland

Set Design Kay Kandra,
assisted by – Gordon Bailey

Set Construction Harry Strickland & Warren Tomasian,
assisted by – Tom Cole,
David Gidge,
Raul Gual,
Dan Pelletier

Stage Crew Tom Cole,
David Gidge,
Raul Gual,
David Pierce,
Bob Jefferson,
Bill Morgan

Costumes Carolyn Marineau & Raelene Harris, Co-Chairmen,
assisted by – Linda Annis,
Grace Bolen,
Carol Goss,
Pat Racine,
Millie Wright

Tickets Arlene and Harold Annis, Co-Chairmen,
assisted by – Angela Tomasian

Lighting Harry Strickland

Spotlight Glenn Gott

Sound Robert Cotterman, assisted by – George Marineau

Properties Joyce Adams, Chairman,
assisted by – Sara Gual,
Kathy and Gary Griggs,
Eileen Callahan

Publicity Betty Callahan, Chairman,
assisted by – Linda Annis,
Dorothy Goodwin,
Carol Goss,
Dorothy Marcek,
Sally Morgan,
Lloyd Perreault,
Millie Wright

Program Linnea Strickland and Angela Tomasian

Ads Millie Wright and Sara Gual

Make-up Joan Frey, Chairman,
assisted by – Carol Goss,
Lorraine Graham,
Barbara Hammond,
Sue Howe,
John Liljeberg,
Sylvia Lynch,
Frances Peterson

Prompter Grace Bolen

Bank Display Dorothy Goodwin

Poster Contest Chairman Robert Cotterman

Poster Contest Judges Carol Goss,
Jofar Shoja,
Beverly Szok

Contest Winners

First Place Joe Kandra

Second Place Donna Goodwin

Third Place Craig Morton

Ushers Lorraine Joziatis, Chairman,
assisted by – Claire Anderson,
Ernest & Jean Berube,
Elaine Bosowski,
Monique Caron,
Cheryl Jennings,
Coe Kevghas,
Charles Kowalski,
Dan & Dorothy Marcek,
Shirley & Bob Metcalf,
Albert Ouellette,
Dick Poole,
Linda Tamulonis

Refreshments Edwin and Kay Goranson, Co-Chairmen,
assisted by – Betty and Edgar Badeau,
Albin Tamulonis,
Trudy Deihle

Auditions Harry Strickland, Chairman,
assisted by – George Borski,
David Gidge,
Frank Harvey,
Judy Kolanek,
Nancy Laudien,
John Liljeberg,
Steve Norris

Patrons Thomas Gill, Chairman, assisted by – Judith Bausha

Membership Irene Archambault

Rehearsal Pianists David Gidge and Robert Frey

Assistant Choral Director Anne S. Manousos

Photographer Dan Marcek

Cast Party Linda Annis

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Time: About 1850

Place: London

Act One

Scene I The Workhouse – Early Evening

“Food, Glorious Food” Chorus, Oliver and Boys

“Oliver” Chorus, Mr. Bumble and Widow Corney

Scene 2 The Workhouse Parlor (Later into the street)

“I Shall Scream” Widow Corney and Mr. Bumble

“Boy for Sale” Mr. Bumble

Scene 3 The Undertaker’s – The Same Day

“That’s Your Funeral” Mr. Sowerberry, Mrs. Sowerberry, Mr. Bumble

“Where is Love” Oliver

Scene 4 The Undertaker’s – The Next Morning

Scene 5 Paddington Green – Morning, a Week Later

“Consider Yourself” Artful Dodger, Oliver, and Chorus

Scene 6 The Thieves’ Kitchen (Later into street)

“Pick a Pocket or Two” Fagin and Boys

“It’s a Fine Life” Nancy, Bet and Boys

“I’d Do Anything” Artful Dodger, Nancy, Oliver, Bet, Fagin and Boys

“Be Back Soon” Fagin, Artful Dodger and Boys

Act Two

Scene 1 “The Three Cripples” (A public house in Clerkenwell the following evening)

“Oom-Pah-Pah” Nancy, Bet and Chorus

“My Name” Bill Sikes

“As Long As He Needs Me” Nancy

Scene 2 The Brownlow’s and Into Street – Two Weeks Later

“Who Will Buy” Street Criers, Oliver and Chorus

Scene 3 The Thieves’ Kitchen – Later

“Reviewing the Situation” Fagin

Scene 4 The Workhouse – A Few Days Later

Scene 5 The Brownlow’s

Scene 6 London Bridge – At Midnight

“Reviewing the Situation” (Reprise) Fagin