Finian’s Rainbow (1970)

Nashua Senior High School Auditorium
November 20-21, 1970

with musical accompaniment by members of


Musical Director Steve Norris
Dramatics Director Grace Bolen
Choreographer Joan Maxant
Accompanist Jo Millett
Production Coordinator John Liljeberg
Production Secretary Raelene Harris

Cast of Characters

Finian McLonergan Al Miller

Sharon McLonergan Lorraine Collins

Og Al Bedard

Woddy Mahoney Jerry Beaudoin

Susan Mahoney Joan Maxant

Senator Billboard Rawkins Frank Harvey

Buzz Collins George Matson

Sheriff Norm Beaudoin

Henrietta Linda Tamulonis

1st Sharecropper Bob Frey

2nd Sharecropper Cliff Highnam

Howard Steve Spear

Mr. Robust Dan Pelletier

Mr. Shears Charles Ivanow

1st Gospeleer George Szok

2nd Gospeleer Tom Murray

3rd Gospeleer Bob Lessard

1st Geologist Ray Gual

2nd Geologist William Lang

1st Deputy Dave Pierce

John the Preacher Ray Gual

2nd Deputy Bob Jefferson

Chorus Irene Archambault,
Sylvia Dobrowolski,
Carol Goss,
Lorraine Joziatis,
Irene Jefferson,
Barbara Lang,
Anne Matson,
Ruth Maxant,
Fran Peterson,
Celia Shooman,
Linnea Strickland,
Penny Tamulonis;
Norm Beaudoin,
Denis Drobinski,
Bob Frey,
Ray Gagnon,
Ray Gual,
Cliff Highnam,
William Lang,
Bob Lessard,
Tom Murray,
George Szok

Dancers Vanna Estabrook,
Cheryl Jennings,
Judy Kalonek,
Pat Mayo;
Denis Drobinski,
Ray Gagnon,
Bob Smith,
George Szok

Members of the Nashua Symphony Orchestra

Violin Edward W. Clement

Violin Bruno Matson

Viola Hector Poulin

Cello Margaret Warren

Bass Mark Zechel

Flute Jill Haynes

Clarinet Gloria Fraser

Bass Clarinet Gregory Hackney

Trumpet Al Tamulonis

Trumpet Steve Raby

Trombone Don Wallin

Percussion Donald Ouellette

Assisting the Nashua Symphony will be

Jo Millett Piano

Steve Norris Musical Conductor


The Actorsingers woul like to extend a special thanks to the
following. Without their interest and support our production
of “Finian’s Rainbow” would not have been possible.

Tacy House


American Legion

Alfred Johnson

Hampshire Music Company

Nashua Federal Savings & Loan Association

Arts & Science Center

Sanders Associates

Production and Technical Staff

Stage Manager Harry Strickland, assisted by
Don Smith,
Warren Tomasian,
Bob Jefferson

Set Design Construction Warren Tomasian &
Harry Strickland, assisted by
Myron Kandra,
Carol Goss,
Bob Jefferson &
Frank Bolen;
A special thanks for her technical advice and assistance goes to Kay Kandra

Lighting Harry Strickland, assisted by
Dave Gidge

Costumes Jean Cole, assisted by
Raelene Harris,
Pat Racine,
Maureen Sutton

Sound Bob Cotterman

Assistant Production Coordinator Carolyn Marineau

Properties Millie Wright, assisted by
Irene Batch,
Janet Smith

Publicity Lloyd Perreault, assisted by
Gail Sweenie,
Linda Wood

Make-up Bonnie Bouley, assisted by
Claire Anderson,
Joan Frey,
Sandy Highnam,
Sylvia Lynch,
Linda McGowan,
Deborah Stedman

Tickets Judy Bausha, assisted by
Dick Connor,
Billie Wright,
Millie Wright

Displays Lloyd Perreault, assisted by
Marcelle Houle

Programs Joan Frey

Program Advertising Bob Frey, assisted by
Pauline Denue,
Sara Gual,
Aram Marderosian,
Millie Wright

Rehearsal Pianists Roger Thurber,
Dave Gidge,
Bob Frey

Prompters Betty Callahan &
Terri Richard

Photographer (Cast Pictures) Dan Marcek

Photographer (Cast Portraits) Lloyd Perreault

Auditions Harry Strickland, assisted by
Grace Bolen,
George Borski,
Betty Callahan,
Nancy Laudien,
Joan Maxant

Ushers Shirley Farland, assisted by
Joyce Adams,
Claire Anderson,
Fran & Elaine Bosowski,
Monique Caron,
Marie Cotterman,
Carol Farland,
Lorraine & Frank Graham,
Raelene Harris,
Bob Jefferson,
Marcia Judkins,
Bob Metcalf,
Anne S. Manousos

Refreshments Louise King & Sally Morgan, assisted by
Bob Callahan,
Pauline & Tom Gill,
Dave King,
Helen Markarian,
Bob Morgan,
Ernie Peterson

“After Glow” Carolyn Marineau

Patrons Tom Gill

Membership Irene Archambault

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act I

Scene 1 The Meetin’ Place, Rainbow Valley, Missitucky

This Time of the Year Chorus & Dancers

How Are Things in Glocca Morra Sharon

Woody’s Here Chorus

Look to the Rainbow Sharon & Chorus

Scene 2 The Meetin’ Place (that night)

Old Devil Moon Sharon & Woody

Scene 3 Senator Rawkins Estate (next morning)

Scene 4 The Meetin’ Place (following day)

Reprise Sharon

Something Sort of Grandish Sharon & Og

If This Isn’t Love Woody, Sharon, Finian & Chorus, Entire Dance Ensemble

Reprise Og

Scene 5 The Meetin’ Place (next morning)

Necessity 1st, 2nd & 3rd Women & 1st Sharecropper

Great Come and Get It Day Sharon, Woody, Chorus & Dancers

Act II

Scene 1 Rainbow Valley (a few weeks later)

When the Idle Poor Become the Idle Rich Susan, Dancers, Sharon & Chorus

Let’s Toast the Day Sharon & Chorus

Reprise Sharon & Woody

Dance O the Golden Crock Susan

Scene 2 Rainbow Valley (same time)

Og’s Chant Og

The Begat Senator Rawkins & The Passion Pilgrim Gospeleers

Scene 3 Rainbow Valley (the next day)

Reprise Rawkins & Gospeleers

Reprise Sharon, Woody & Chorus

Scene 4 Rainbow Valley (just before dawn)

When I’m Not Near the Girl I Love Og & Susan

Reprise Entire Ensemble

Finale Entire Company