Mame (1970)

Nashua Senior High School
May 14-16, 1970




Member Arts and Science Center

with musical accompaniment by members of


Musical Director Ray Gaumont

Dramatics Director John Liljeberg

Choreographer Marcia Judkins

Accompanist Jo Millett

Production Secretary Linda Annis

Production Co-ordinator Margaret Tamulonis

757 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10017

Cast of Characters

Mame Frances Peterson

Vera Joan Frey

Agnes Gooch Barbara Haggblom

Patrick, Jr Robert Gual

Patrick Dennis Thomas Comer

Beauregard John Cortese

Mr. Upson Al Tamulonis

Mrs. Upson Claire Anderson

Gloria Upson Cathy Zanichkowski

Lindsay Woolsey Tom Cole

Babcock Tom Murray

Jr. Babcock Dennis Drobinski

Ito Al Miller

Sally Cato Betty Kadenacy

Madame Branislowski Marie Cotterman

Mother Burnside Betty Callahan

Pegeen Ryan Linnea Strickland

Gregor George Szok

Ralph Devine Dave Pierce

Cousin Fran Carol Goss

Uncle Jeff Bill Dewey

Bishop Charles Ivanow

Stage Manager Frank Harvey

Messenger Herb Barron

Peter Christian Frey

Chorus Fran Bosowski,
Betty Callahan,
Marie Cotterman,
Carol Goss,
Connie harvey,
Betty Kadenacy,
Linda Lawrence,
Anne S. Manousos,
Marguerite Roberts,
Harold Annis,
Herb Barron,
Tom Cole,
Bill Dewey,
Dennis Drobinski,
Robert Frey,
Harold Goss,
Ray Gual,
Clifford Highnam,
Charles Ivanow,
Myron Kandra,
Dave Pierce,
George Szok

Dancers Diane Desfosses,
Mary King,
Judy Kolanek,
Marguerite Roberts,
Linnea Strickland,
Cathy Zanichkowski,
Dennis Drobinski,
Robert Frey,
Harold Goss,
Myron Kandra,
Dave Pierce,
George Szok

Members of the Nashua Symphony Orchestra


Frederica Haynes – Violin (Concert Mistress)

Judith Brown – Violin

James Gilmore – Violin

Ernest Milkovits – Violin

Hector Poulin – Viola

Margaret Warren – Cello

Mark Zechel – Bass


Maurice Buckley – Clarinet & Saxophone

Dorothy Fitch – Flute & Piccolo

Don Fyfe – Clarinet

Mark Maryanski – Oboe

Joanne Milot – Clarinet & Alto Saxophone

Carol Taylor – Clarinet


Pete Belowski – Trombone

Tom Fowler – Trumpet

Heyward Williams – Trumpet

Steve Raby – Trumpet

Don Wallin – Trombone


Mark Nadeau

Assisting the Nashua Symphony will be:

Jo Millet – Piano

Ed Dubreuil – Banjo


The Actorsingers would like to extend a special thanks to the following.
Without their interest and support “Mame” would not have been possible.

House of Charm

Nashua Federal Savings & Loan Assn.

American Legion

Hampshire Music Co., Inc.

Christ The King Church

Nashua Auto Co.

Sanders Associates

Bergeron’s Inc.

Tacy House


Arts & Sciences Center

Gate City Electric Co.


Concord Players

Sound Effects Courtesy of Radio Station WSMN

Production Staff

Stage Manager Harry Strickland

Assistant Stage Manager Warren Tomasian

Set Construction Harry Strickland & Warren Tomasian;
Assisted by – Elaine Bosowski,
David Gidge,
Hal MacGregor,
Don Smith

Stage Crew Don Smith,
Bill Morgan,
David Gidge,
Frank Harvey,
Hal MacGregor,
Mark Rayla,
George King,
Robert Lessard

Costumes Carolyn Marineau & Raelene Harris, Co-Chairmen;
Assisted by – Judy Bausha,
Jean Cole,
Janet Smith,
Maureen Sutton,
Joanne Tiedeman,
Millie Wright

Tickets Arlene Annis, Chairman;
Assisted by – Harold Annis,
Angela Tomasian

Lighting Harry Strickland

Spotlight Hal MacGregor

Sound Robert Cotterman

Properties Elaine Bosowski, Chairman;
assisted by – Joyce Adams,
Zito Bello,
Karen Dollinger,
Carol Farland

Publicity Dick Connor, Chairman;
Assisted by – Linda Barrett,
Tom Gill,
Dan Pelletier,
Ann Zanichkowsky

Program Monique Caron, Chairman;
Assisted by – Harry Strickland,
Robert Frey

Make-Up Bonnie Bouley, Chairman;
Assisted by – Claire Anderson,
Betty Budeur,
Pearl Ware,
Sue Howe,
Helen Marliarian,
Ann Zanichkowsky,
Mary Jane Marderosian

Hair Stylist Barbara Collette;
Assisted by – Shirley Farland

Prompter Grace Bolen

Poster & Program Design Linda Barrett

Lobby & Bank Displays Linda Barrett

Ushers Virginia Mammone, Chairman;
Assisted by – Pauline Gill,
Conrad Haggblom, Frank Bolen,
Betty McKuskie,
Nancy Laudien,
Joe Mammone,
Frank & Lorraine Graham,
Linda Tamulonis,
Dot Marcek,
Maureen Sutton,
Ruth Garvey,
Dan Marcek,
Joanne Garvey,
Raelene Harris,
Janice & Art Rockwell

Refreshments Louise King, Chairman;
Assisted by – Bob Callahan,
Lorraine Collins,
Helen Markarian,
Barbara McKuskie,
Sally Morgan

Auditions Harry Makris, Chairman;
Assisted by – Barbara Bartsch,
Irene Jefferson,
John Liljeberg,
Ray Gaumont,
Margaret Tamulonis (ex officio)

Patrons Tom Gill, Chairman;
Assisted by – Barbara Haggblom, Laurette Dye,
Helen Connor,
Dave Pierce,
Art Rockwell

Membership Dorothy Marcek

Dance Rehearsal Pianist David Gidge

Alternate Pianist for Auditions Clare Farr

Photographer (Cast Pictures) Dan Marcek

Photographer (Cast Portraits) Alan Lisk

Dresser for MAME Jean Cole

Understudy for John Cortese Frank Harvey

“After-Glow” Linnea Strickland

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers


Scene 1 Somewhere in New York — 1928

“St. Bridget” Agnes & Young Patrick

Scene 2 Mame’s Apartment

“It’s Today” Mame, Vera, & Chorus

Reprise Mame, Young Patrick, & Chorus

Scene 3 Hall of Mame’s Apartment

Scene 4 Mame’s Apartment

Scene 5 Mame’s Living Room (and all around New York)

“Open A New Window ” Mame, Young Patrick, & Chorus



Scene 6 Mame’s Apartment

“The Moon Song” Vera, Mame, & Girls

“The Moon Ballet”

Scene 7 Shubert Theater — New Haven

“My Best Girl” Young Patrick & Mame

Scene 8 Salon Pour Messieurs

Scene 9 Mame’s Apartment

“We Need A Little Christmas” Mame, Young Patrick, Ito & Agnes & Beau

Scene 10 Peckerwood

“The Fox Hunt” Young Patrick, Uncle Jeff, Mother Burnside, Sally Cato, Cousin Fan, and Chorus

“Mame” Beau, Mother Burnside, and Chorus

Finale Young Patrick & Chorus


Scene 1 Prep School and College (and Singapore)

Opening Act II Young Patrick & Older Patrick

“My Best Girl” Older Patrick

Scene 2 Mame’s Apartment

“Bosom Buddies” Mame, Vera, & Gooch

Scene 3 Mame’s Apartment (six months later)

“Gooch’s Song” Agnes Gooch

Scene 4 Upson Farm

“That’s How Young I Feel” Mame & Chorus

“If He Walked Into My Life” Mame


Scene 5 Mame’s Apartment

“It’s Today” Mame, Vera, and Chorus

“My Best Girl” Older Patrick

Scene 6 Mame’s Apartment — 1946

Finale Act II Mame & Chorus Ensemble