The Student Prince (1969)

Nashua Senior High School
November 14 & 15, 1969


Sigmund Romberg’s THE STUDENT PRINCE

Member Arts and Science Center

with musical accompaniment by members of


Production Co-ordinator Albert Miller
Musical Direction Sebastian Salvo
Dramatics Director Grace Bolen
Choreographer Marcia Judkins
Accompanist Jo Millett
Production Secretary Shirley Farland

By arrangement with CENTURY LIBRARY INC., 225 West 44th Streeet,
New York, New York 10036

The Actorsingers welcome you to spend an evening with “The Student Prince”

Cast of Characters

Prince Karl Franz William Morgan

Kathie Irene Jefferson

Dr. Engel Frank Harvey

Lutz Stanley Perry

Prime Minister Von Mark Norman Beaudoin

Princess Margaret Anne S. Manousos

Captain Tarnitz Gerard Beaudoin

Grand Duchess Anastasia Marcelle Houle

Gretchen Irene Archambault

Ruder Albert Oullette

Count Hugo Detleff Albert Bedard

Von Asterberg Donald Smith

Lucas Richard Poole

Hubert Daniel Pelletier

Toni Miles Cares

Countess Leyden Margaret Tamulonis

Baron Armheim Frank Bolen

Nicholas Harold Annis

Rudolph David Pierce


Men Harold Annis,
Norman Beaudoin,
Tom Cole,
William Dewey,
Denis Drobinski,
Robert Frey,
Coe Kevghas,
Tom Murray,
David Pierce

Women Fran Bosowski,
Lynda Drobinski,
Barbara Haggblom,
Lorraine Joziatis,
Betty Kadenacy,
Janice Rockwell,
Carol Croatti

Ladies in Waiting Barbara Haggblom,
Fran Bosowski

Lackeys Richard Poole,
Donald Plamondon,
Peter Walters

Members of the Nashua Symphony Orchestra


Frederica Haynes Violin (Concert Mistress)

Judith Brown Violin

James Gilmore Violin

Roland Warren Viola

Margaret Warren Cello


Dorothy Fitch Flute

Gloria Fraser Clarinet

Mark Maryanski Oboe


Heyward Williams Trumpet

Don Wallin Trombone

Robert Robbins Horn

Lucy Robbins Horn


Marc Nadeau

Assisting the Nashua Symphony will be:

Mary Jane Anderson Harp

Jo Millett Piano


The Actorsingers would like to extend a special thanks to the following.
Without their interest and support “The Student Prince” would not have been possible.

Rivier College

House of Charm

American Legion

Christ The King Church

Sanders Associates

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Arts & Sciences Center

Nashua Federal Savings & Loan


Costumes Linnea Strickland &
Margaret Tamulonis Co-Chairmen

Assisted by –
Barbara Bartsch,
Judy Bausha,
Pearl Farland,
Joan Frey,
Raelene Harris,
Marcelle Houle,
Carolyn Marineau and
Ky Stratoti

Publicity Richard Connor &
Carol Farland Co-Chairmen

Assisted by –
Joyce Adams,
Michele Bujold &
Virginia Mammone

Tickets Arlene & Harold Annis

Program Albert Miller – Chairman

Assisted by –
Raelene Harris,
J. P. Allaire and
Carolyn Marineau

Special Effects Make-Up Pearl Ware

Make-Up Joan Frey – Chairman

Assisted by –
Claire Anderson,
Bonney Bouley,
Shirley Farland,
Sue Howe,
Judy Kolanek, and
Carolyn Marineau

Hair Stylist Barbara, from the House of Charm

Audition Albert Miller – Chairman

Assisted by –
Barbara Bartsch,
Grace Bolen,
Miles Cares,
Marcia Judkins,
Dorothy Marcek,
Jo Millett and
Sebastian Salvo

Properties Elaine Bosowski Chairman

Assisted by –
Diane Desfosses,
Karen Dollinger,
Gail Ingram &
Linda McGowan

Stage Manager Warren Tomasian

Stage Crew Harry Strickland-Chairman

Assisted by –
Michael Kadency,
Augie Stratoti &
Charles Ivanow

Sound Robert Cotterman

Lighting Harry Strickland assisted by Glenn Gott

Rehearsal Musical Assistants Barbara Bartsch and Clare Farr

Poster and Program Design Linda Barrett

Prompters Shirley Farland and John Liljeberg

Refreshments Albin Tamulonis Chairman

Assisted by –
Edgar Badeau,
Stephan Cotterman,
Conrad Haggblom, Robert Jefferson,
Sally Morgan,
Ernest Peterson,
Pat Skillas and
Linda Tamulonis

Lobby and Bank Displays Thomas Gill

Photographer Daniel Marcek

Patrons Thomas Gill

Ushers Raelene Harris Chairman

Assisted by –
Joyce Adams,
Claire Anderson,
Judy Bausha,
Ernie Berube,
Judy Blake,
Fran Cerier,
Norma & John Cortese,
Ronald Coury,
Marie Cotterman,
Carol Farland,
Pauline Gill,
Lorraine & Frank Graham,
Diane LaFrance and
Ken Howe

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers


Scene 1 A Room in the Castle

“Prologue” Lackeys

“Golden Days” Engel & Prince

Scene 2 The Inn of the Three Golden Apples

“Garlands Bright” Gretchen, Barmaids, Ruder

“To the Inn Were Marching” Kathie & Students

“Drinking Song” Students

“Where is the Maid” Students

“Heidelberg” Prince & Engel

“Gaudeamus” Students

“Deep in My Heart Dear” Kathie & Prince

“Come Sir Will You Join” Detleff, Lucas, Von Asterberg

“Serenade” Prince & Students

Scene 3 Prince’s Room At the Inn

“Farmer Jacob” Students

“Student Life” Detleff- Lucas-Von Asterberg

“Thoughts Will Come Back to Me” Kathie, Engel & Prince


Scene 1 Castle Ballroom

“Just We Two” Princess & Tarnitz

“Ensemble and Gavote” Chorus

“Finale” Prince

Scene 2 The Inn of the Three Golden Apples

“Let Us Sing A Song” Students

“To the Inn We’re Marching” Students

“Serenade” Detleff, Prince & Chorus

“Deep in My Heart” Prince, Kathie & Chorus

Coming Events

February 1970

Jr. Actorsingers production of


May 1970

Actorsingers spring production will be

Announced at a later date.