Anything Goes (1969)

Nashua High School
May 23 and 24, 1969



“anything goes”

Member Arts and Science Center

with musical accompaniment by members of


Curtain Time 8:15 P.M.

Production Co-Ordinator irene d. batch

Musical Conductor anne s. manousos

Dramatics Director carol farland

Assistant to the Director john liljeberg

Choreographer nancy byers

Accompanist roger thurber

Good Evening. Welcome To Anything Goes.

Cast of Characters

Purser James Dunne

Elisha J. Whitney Walter Kowalski

Cameraman Coe Kevghas

Sir Evelyn Oakleigh Bob Frey

Hope Harcourt Linnea Strickland

Mrs. Wadsworth T. Harcourt Grace Bolen

Reno Sweeney Marie Cotterman


Purity Michele Bujold

Chastity Shirley Farland

Virtue Diane Desfosses

Billy Crocker Herb Haines

Bonnie Fran Bosowski

Moonface Martin Al Miller

Captain David Pierce

Steward Al Tamulonis

Ching Steven Spear

Ling Michael Tanguay

Bishop David Pierce

Drunk Frank Teas

Dancers Diane Amodeo,
Margaret Marquis,
Claudette Paquin,
Regina Tracewski,
Vince Amodeo,
Wayne April,
John Liljeberg,
Kenneth Paiva

Chorus Betty Callahan,
Fran Cerier,
Lorraine Collins,
Gloria Elwell,
Carol Goss,
Diane La France,
Harold Annis,
Duane Boston,
Tom Cole,
James Dunne,
Coe Kevghas,
Thomas Murray,
John Nogowski,
David Pierce,
Al Tamulonis

Members of the Nashua Symphony Orchestra


Gloria Fraser – clarinet & flute

Jill Haynes – piccolo & flute

Mark Maryanski – oboe

Peter Sudosky – clarinet & alto saxophone

Gerald Maslin – tenor & baritone saxophone


Heyward Williams – trumpet

Denis Drobinski – trumpet

Don Wallin – trombone

Robert Elk – trombone


John Mackey – string bass


Gary Stockley – percussion


The Actorsingers would like to extend a special thanks to the following.
Without their interest and support “Anything Goes” would not have been possible.


Arts & Sciences Center

Pearl’s Beauty Salon

American Legion

Sanders Associates

Church of the Good Sheperd

Bel-Adair Costumes

Christ The King Church

Nashua Federal Savings & Loan Association

Production Staff

Production Co-ordinator Irene D. Batch

Musical Direction Anne S. Manousos

Dramatics Director Carol Farland

Assistant to the Director John Liljeberg

Choreographer Nancy Byers

Accompanist Roger Thurber

Production Secretary Barbara Haggblom


Publicity Marsha Clement – Chairman;
assisted by – Michele Bujold,
Virginia Mammone,
Paul Bouley,
Robert Cotterman

Tickets Arlene & Harold Annis

Costumes Raelene Harris & Judy Bausha – Co-Chairmen;
assisted by – Judy Blake,
Grace Bolen,
Carol Goss & Lorraine Jozaitas

Programs Marsha Clement -Chairman;
assisted by – Raelene Harris & Irene Batch

Make-Up Committee Pearl Ware – Chairman;
assisted by – Pat Frost,
Bonnie Bouley,
Claire Anderson,
Beth Tebbets,
Joan Frey & Nancy Laudien

Hair Stylist Shirley Farland

Properties Joyce Adams – Chairman;
assisted by – Elaine Bosowski & Maureen Callahan

Stage Manager Warren Tomasian

Stage Crew Harry Strickland – Chairman;
assisted by – Augie Stratoti,
Don Smith,
Harold Goss,
David Gidge,
Ron Coury
& Glen Gott

Set Construction Harry Strickland – Chairman;
assisted by – Warren Tomasian

Lighting Harry Strickland – Chairman;
assisted by – Robert Cotterman

Prompters Barbara Haggblom & Dot Marcek

Lobby & Bank Display Virginia Mammone

Ushers Kay Goranson – Chairman;
assisted by –
Joanne & Miles Cares,
Faye Eckman,
Ruth & Ed Garvey,
Pauline Gill,
Frank Graham,
Connie & Frank Harvey,
Susan Kaye,
Virginia Mammone,
Dot Marcek,
Barbara Monroe,
Janice Rockwell,
Ky Stratoti,
Penny Tamulonis,
& Cecile Wright

Refreshments Conrad Haggblom – Chairman;
assisted by – Bonnie Bouley,
Barbara Haggblom& Pat Frost

Membership Virginia Mammone

Patrons Chairman Claire Anderson & Sally Morgan

Photographer Paul Bouley

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act I

Scene 1 Afterdeck of the Ship

“You’re The Top” Reno & Billy

“Bon Voyage ” Ensemble

Scene 2 On the Ship’s Deck. Evening

“It’s Delovely” Hope, Billy, & Chorus

Scene 3 Two Cabins on “A” Deck

Scene 4 Ship’s Deck

“Heaven Hop” Bonnie & Angels

Scene 5 Ship’s Deck

“Friendship” Moon, Reno, & Billy

Scene 6 Evelyn’s Stateroom

Scene 7 Ship’s Deck

“I Get A Kick Out Of You” Reno

Scene 8 Afterdeck

“Anything Goes” Reno & Chorus

Act II

Scene 1 Ship’s Salon

“Public Enemy Number One” Chorus

“Let’s Step Out” Bonnie & Chorus

“Let’s Misbehave” Reno & Sir Evelyn

“Blow Gabriel Blow” Reno & Ensemble

Scene 2 The Brig

“All Through the Night” Hope & Billy

“Be Like a Bluebird” Moon

Scene 3 Ship’s Deck

“Take Me back to Manhattan” Reno & Angels

Finale Ensemble