Showboat (1968)

Nashua Senior High School Auditorium
November 15 and 16, 1968


(A participating member of the Arts & Science Association)



by Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein 2nd

with musical accompaniment by members of


Production Co-ordinator charles kowalski

Musical Conductor steve norris

Dramatics Director carol farland

Technical Advisor margaret tamulonis

Choreographer virginia mammone

Accompanist jo millett

To our old and new friends…

We welcome you to this,

our Fall production of Show Boat

Cast of Characters

(in order of appearance)

Windy robert lessard

Steve john cortese

Pete john nogowski

Queenie linda briggs

Parthy Ann Hawkes claire anderson

Captain Andy miles cares

Ellie janice rockwell

Frank ernest fernandez

Rubberface del parent

Julie anne s. manousos

Gaylord Ravenal frank harvey

Vallon robert callahan

Magnolia irene jefferson

Joe howard nunn, jr.

Backwoodsmen stanley perry, albert miller

Barker robert jefferson

Congress of Beauties lee caros,
shirley farland,
virginia mammone

Coochie-Coochie Dancer judy kolanek

Weight Lifter celia shooman

Landlady betty callahan

Jim stanley perry

Jake john liljeberg

Charleen judy kolanek

Mother Superior margaret tamulonis

Kim (child) jennifer cares

Old Lady on the Levee betty callahan

Specialty Dancers lee caros,
shirley farland,
judy kolanek,
virginia mammone

Women’s Chorus frances bosowski,
michele bujold,
betty callahan,
denise dubreuil,
elaine dubreuil,
carol goss,
lorraine joziatis,
diane la france,
barbara monroe,
janet st. halaire,
celia shooman,
linnea strickland

Men’s Chorus harold annis,
norman aubin,
dennis drobinski,
john liljeberg,
albert miller,
john nogowski,
del parent,
david pierce

Members of the Nashua Symphony Orchestra

Violins Edward Clement, Leo Michaud, Priscella Newson, Robin Warren

Viola Hector Poulin

Cello Margaret Warren

Bass John Mackey

Flute Jill Haynes

Clarinet Gloria Fraser, Steve Narkunas

Trumpet Heyward Williams

Trombone Donald Wallin

Drums Marc Nadeau

Banjo Edward Dubreuil

Nashua Symphony Orchestra rehearsals for “Show Boat” have been under
the direction of Mr. Steve Norris.


The Actorsingers would like to extend a special thanks to the following.
Without their interest and support “Show Boat” would not have been possible.
It’s because of this interest that we are able to begin our fourteenth year.


American Legion

Arts & Sciences Center

Heat Incorporated

Bergeron’s Inc

Nashua Federal Savings & Loan Association

Rivier College

The House of Charm

National Distributors (Flying Advertising) Burlington, Mass

Production Staff

Production Co-ordinator Charles Kowalski

Musical Director Steve Norris

Dramatics Director Carol Farland

Technical Advisor Margaret Tamulonis

Choreographer Virginia Mammone

Accompanist Jo Millett

Production Secretary Monique Caron


Publicity Tom Gill-Chairman
assisted by – Bonney Bouley,
Michele Bujold,
Marsha Clement,
Marie & Robert Cotterman,
Faye Eckman,
Shirley Farland,
Paula Hamel,
& Nancy Kepler

Tickets Arlene & Harold Annis

Wardrobe Linnea Strickland & Margaret Tamulonis

Costumes Carol Goss-Chairman
assisted by –
Irene Batch,
Judy Bausha,
Raelene Harris,
Linnea Strickland,
& Margaret Tamulonis

Programs Ann Georgopoulos-Chairman
assisted by –
Irene Batch
& Raelene Harris

Make-Up Co-ordinator Pearl Ware

Make-Up Committee Pearl Ware-Chairman
assisted by –
Bonney Bouley,
Joan Frye,
Barbara Grandmaison,
Barbara Haggblom,
& Marcele Houle

Hair Stylist Shirley Farland & Barbara Moore

Properties Irene Batch – Chairman
assisted by –
Monique Caron,
Polly Jukniewicz,
& Celeste Lessard.

Stage Manager Warren Tomasian

Stage Crew Harry Strickland-Chairman
assisted by –
Robert Mills,
John St. Mary,
Don Smith,
Augie Stratoti,
Al Tamulonis,
& Warren Tomasian

Set Construction Harry Strickland-Chairman
assisted by – Warren Tomasian

Lighting Harry Strickland-Chairman
assisted by – John St. Mary

Sound Robert Cotterman-Chairman

assisted by – George Anderson

Prompter Herbert Haines & Margaret Tamulonis

Lobby Display Monique Caron

Ushers Frances Peterson-Chairman

assisted by –
Judith Barker,
Anne Buckman,
Kathleen Callahan,
Jo-Ann Garvey,
Mary Ann Mayo,
Virginia Morgan,
Diane Page,
Judith Page,
Paula Peterson,
Martha Shaw,
Sharon Strickland,
& Linda Tamulonis

Refreshments Charles Kowalski-Chairman

assisted by –
Bonney Bouley,
Faye Eckman,
Conrad Haggblom,
Dorothy Marcek,
& Linda Tamulonis

Membership Virginia Mammone

Patrons Chairman Claire Anderson & Sally Morgan

Photographer Daniel Marcek

“After-Glow” Irene Batch-Chairman

assisted by –
Raelene Harris,
Lorraine Joziatis,
Polly Jukneivich,
Linnea Strickland,
& Margaret Tamulonis

PROGRAM compliments of

Heat Incorporated

Pine St. Extension

Nashua, NH

Tel. 883-5021

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers


Scene I The Levee at Natchez On The Mississippi In The Eighties

“Cotton Blossom” Stevedores, Servants and Townspeople

Showboat Parade and Ballyhoo Cap’n Andy, The Show Boat Troupe and Townspeople

“Only Make Believe” Ravenal and Magnolia

“Ol’ Man River” Joe, Stevedores, Gaylord

Scene II Kitchen Pantry Of The “Cotton Blossom”

“Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man” Julie, Queenie, Magnolia, Joe and Ensemble

Scene III Auditorium and Stage Of The “Cotton Blossom” One Hour Later

Scene IV Box Office, On Foredeck-Three Weeks Later

“Life Upon The Wicked Stage” Ellie and Dancers

Ballyhoo and Dance Ensemble

Scene V Auditorium and Stage During The Third Act of “The Parson’s Bride” That Night

Scene VI The Top Deck — Later That Night

“You Are Love” Magnolia and Ravenal

Scene VII The Levee at Greenville-Next Morning

Finale Entire Ensemble


Scene I The Midway Pleasance, Chicago World’s Fair – 1893

Scene II A Room on Ontario Street, 1904

Scene III Rehearsal Room Trocadero Music Hall – A Few Days Later

“Bill” (Lyric by P.G.Wodehouse) Julie

Reprise “Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man” Magnolia

Scene IV St. Agatha’s Convent – About The Same Time

Service and Scene Music, St. Agatha’s Convent

Scene V Trocadero Music Hall – New Year’s Eve – Ringing In the Year 1905

“Goodbye My Lady Love” Cake Walk Frank and Ellie

“After The Ball” Magnolia

Scene VI Stern Of The Showboat – 1927

Reprise “Ol’ Man River” Joe

Scene VII Top Deck of The “Cotton Blossom” That Night

Reprise “You Are Love” Ravenal

Scene VIII Levee At Greenville The Next Night

Finale Entire Ensemble