Guys and Dolls (1968)

Nashua Senior High School
May 17 and 18, 1968


(A participating member of the Arts & Science Association)


by Jo Swerling & Abe Burrows
with musical accompaniment by members of


Production Co-Ordinators John Liljeberg and Harry Strickland
Musical Conductor Steve Norris
Dramatics Director Lorraine Graham
Choreography Arlene Ashton
Accompanist Jo Millett

Cast of Characters

(In Order of Appearance)

Nicely-Nicely Johnson Frank Graham

Benny Southstreet Albert Miller

Rusty Charlie John Nogowski

Sarah Brown Donna Lee Burns

Arvide Abernathy William Morgan

Harry-the-Horse Miles Cares

Lt. Brannigan Tom Gill

Nathan Detroit John Tamanakis

Angie-the-Ox Paul Osgood

Miss Adelaide Barbara Haggblom

Sky Masterson Charles Kowalski

Joey Biltmore Frank Teas

Mimi Linda Jones

General Matilda B. Cartwright Betty Callahan

Big Julie Robert Lessard

Agatha Linnea Stenquist

Women’s Chorus Marie Cotterman,
Ida Dionne,
Carol Goss,
Shirley Farland,
Celeste Lessard,
Virginia Mammone,
Frances Peterson,
Robin Soucy,
Janet St. Hilaire,
Margaret Tamulonis

Men’s Chorus Harold Annis,
Ernest Berube,
Miles Cares,
Ernest Fernandez,
Robert Frye,
Herbert Haines,
John Liljeberg,
Paul Osgood,
Stanley Perry,
David Pierce,
Al Tamulonis

Mission Band Donna Lee Burns,
Marie Cotterman,
Denis Drobinski,
William Morgan,
Frances Peterson,
Richard Ralph,
Linnea Stenquist,
Al Tamulonis

Special Dancers
“A Bushel And A Peck” — “Take Back Your Mink”:
Marjorie Bryant,
Frances Cerier,
Suzanne Clarkson,
Eleanor Devaney,
Linda Jones,
Judy Kolanek,
Judith Mailhot,
Janice Rockwell

Cuban Dancers Donna Lee Burns,
Suzanne Clarkson,
Judy Kolanek,
Ernest Fernandez,
Herbert Haines

Broadway Opening Judy Bausha,
Frances Cerier,
Thelma Cote,
Eleanor Devaney,
Ida Dionne,
Carol Goss,
Linda Jones,
Judy Kolanek,
Celeste Lessard,
Judith Mailhot,
Virginia Mammone,
Janice Rockwell,
Robin Soucy,
Janet St. Hilaire,
Margaret Tamulonis,
Harold Annis,
Ernest Berube,
Robert Callahan,
Miles Cares,
Sam Curtis,
Ernest Fernandez,
Robert Frye,
Tom Gill,
Frank Graham,
Herbert Haines,
John Liljeberg,
Al Miller,
John Nogowski,
Paul Osgood,
Stanley Perry,
David Pierce,
Richard Pudlo,
Frank Teas

Members of the Nashua Symphony Orchestra

Violins Judy Brown, Edward Clement, Leo Michaud, Robin Warren

Trombone Donald Wallin

Cello Margaret Warren

Bass John Mackey

Drums Marc Nadeau

Clarinet, Saxaphone Gerald Maslin, Steve Narkunas, Glen Ouellette, Peter Sudosky

Trumpet Heyward S. Williams

Nashua Symphony Orchestra rehearsals for “Guys & Dolls” have been under the direction of Mr. Steve Norris.


American Legion Hall For use of their hall

Arts & Sciences Center For use of their facilities

Heat Incorporated For use of their facilities

Isidore’s For wigs

Bergeron’s For Formal Attire

Nashua Federal Savings & Loan For the use of their window

St. Nicholas Church For the use of their hall

Corey’s Construction For building material

Hough Florist, Inc. For the use of their flower cart

Miller’s For the use of window decorations

Production Staff

Production Co-ordinators John Liljeberg, Harry Strickland

Musical Director Steve Norris

Dramatics Director Lorraine Graham

Choreographer Arlene Ashton

Accompanist Jo Millett

Assistant Musical Director Kay Goranson

Rehearsal Accompanist Clarence Farr

Production Secretary Ann Georgopoulos


Publicity Frank Graham-Chairman, Assisted By:
Betty Callahan,
Thelma Cote,
Shirley Farland,
Herb Haines,
Charles Kowalski, &
Harry Makris

Costumes Judy Bausha-Chairman, Assisted By:
Irene Batch,
Carol Goss,
Michele Guichard,
Raelene Harris &
Barbara Keegan

Programs Ann Georgopoulos-Chairman Assisted By:
Frances Cerier &
John Liljeberg

Program & Poster Art Work Virginia Mammone

Make-Up Co-ordinator Pearl Ware

Make-Up Committee Pearl Ware-Chairman Assisted By:
Bonney Bouley,
Joan Frye,
Barbara Gauthier,
Pat Skillas,
Gloria Sullivan &
Beth Tebbetts

Hair Stylist Wallie Lynch

Stage Manager Warren Tomasian

Stage Crew Harry Strickland-Chairman, Assisted By:
Robert Cotterman,
Robert Mills,
James Morgan,
Raymond Upton,
Don Smith &
Warren Tomasian

Lighting Harry Strickland

Sound Robert Cotterman

Tickets Arlene & Bud Annis

Prompter Marsha Clement

Ushers Faye Eckman &
Ruth Garvey Co-Chairman, Assisted By:
Members of the Actorsingers

Properties John Liljeberg-Chairman, Assisted By:
Barbara Gauthier,
Polly Jukniewicz,
Sally Morgan,
Karen Stanley &
Al Tamulonis

Refreshments Ruth Garvey & Ky Stratoti Co-Chairman, Assisted By:
Members of the Actorsingers

“After Glow” Penny Tamulonis-Chairman, Assisted By:
Frances Peterson &
Linnea Stenquist

Photographer Daniel Marcek

Patrons Chairman Dorothy Marcek

Lobby Display Herbert Haines & John Liljeberg

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act I

Scene 1 On Broadway

“Fugue for Tinhorns” Nicely-Nicely, Benny, Rusty Charlie

“Follow the Fold” Sarah, Arvide, Agatha and Mission Group

“The Oldest Established” Nathan, Nicely-Nicely, Benny, and Men

Scene 2 Interior of the Save-A-Soul Mission

“I’ll Know” Sarah and Sky

Scene 3 A Phone Booth

Scene 4 The Hot Box, Night Club

“A Bushel and a Peck” Miss Adelaide and the Hot Box Dolls

“Adelaide’s Lament” Miss Adelaide

Scene 5 A Street Off Broadway

“Guys and Dolls” Nicely-Nicely and Benny

Scene 6 Mission Exterior

Scene 7 A Street Off Broadway — Afternoon

Scene 8 Havana, Cuba — El Cafe Cubano

Scene 9 Outside El Cafe Cubano, Immediately Following

“If I Were a Bell” Sarah

Scene 10 Exterior of the Mission

“My Time of Day” Sky

“I’ve Never Been in Love Before” Sky and Sarah

Act II

Scene 1 The Hot Box Night Club

“Take Back Your Mink” Adelaide and Hot Box Girls

“Adelaide’s Second Lament” Adelaide

Scene 2 Forty-Eighth Street

“More I Cannot Wish You” Arvide

Scene 3 Crap Game in the Sewer

Crapshooters’ Dance

“Luck Be a Lady Tonight” Sky

Scene 4 A Street Off Broadway

“Sue Me” Adelaide and Nathan

Scene 5 Interior of the Save-A-Soul Mission

“Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat” Nicely-Nicely and Ensemble

“Follow the Fold” The Guys

Scene 6 Near Times Square

“Marry the Man Today” Adelaide and Sarah

Scene 7 Broadway

“Follow the Fold” Sarah, Sky, Arvide and Mission Band

FINALE: “Guys and Dolls” Ensemble