Annie Get Your Gun (1967)

Nashua Senior High School
May 26 and 27, 1967


(A participating member of the Arts & Science Association)



by Irving Berlin

with musical accompaniment by members of


Production Administrator Harry Strickland

Musical Conductor Steve Norris

Dramatics Paul Munroe

Choreography Nancy Byers

Accompanist Jo Millett

Cast of Characters

Annie Oakley Frances Peterson

Frank Butler Charles Kowalski

Charlie Davenport Robert Regni

Dolly Tate Margaret Tamulonis

Winnie Tate Terry Hauser

Tommy Keeler Herbert Haines

Sitting Bull Carleton Crook

Buffalo Bill Harry Makris

Pawnee Bill Lloyd Parker

Foster Wilson John Tamanakis

Mac Ernie Berube

Minnie (Annie’s Sister) Linda Tamulonis

Jessie (Another Sister) Holly Leonard

Nellie (Another Sister) Susanne Morin

Little Jake (Annie’s Brother) Robert Lynch

Sylvia Potter-Porter Marie Cotterman

The Wild Horse (Ceremonial Dancer) Ernest Fernandez

Women’s Chorus Lee Caros,
Karon Stanley,
Claudette Lucas,
Celeste Lessard,
Robin Soucy,
Celia Shooman,
Joan Colburn,
Carol Goss,
Helen Wing,
Mary Gibson,
Linnea Stenquist,
Beth Wyman,
Diane LaFrance

Men’s Chorus Paul Osgood,
Al Miller,
Howard Denton,
John Liljeberg,
Sam Curtis,
Robert Lessard,
Dave Pierce,
Harold Annis,
Ernie Fernandez,
Bob Cotterman

Also: Gwen Munroe, Holly Munroe and Carl Lucas

Members of the Symphony Orchestra

Leo Michaud

Robin Warren

Edward Clement

Judy Brown

Kathy Cooney

Gloria Fraser

Mary Ann Yergeau

Gary Toussaint

Heyward S. Williams

Don Wallin

Bill Thayer

Hector Poulin

Margaret Warren

John Mackey

and Douglas Whitney


Special thanks is due to:

VFW & American Legion for use of their halls.

Arts & Sciences Center for use of their facilities for rehearsals.

Heat, Incorporated for use of their facilities.

Bud Tate’s for services.

Hartley’s Barn, Benham’s Antiques, Mrs Maude H. Priske for antiques.

Production Staff

Production Administrator Harry Strickland

Production Managers Warren Tomasian & Don Smith

Stage Manager Warren Tomasian

Stage Crew Don Smith,
Bob Cotterman,
Bob Mills,
Ernest Peterson,
Carl Lucas and Tom Gill,
Joseph O’Hara

Lighting Harry Strickland

Sound Bob Cotterman

Costumes Margaret Tamulonis & Linnea Stenquist, Co-Chm.,
Judy Bauscha,
Judy Kolanek,
Ky Stratoti, &
Linda Tamulonis

Wardrobe Comm. Pauline Gill & Ruby Osgood

Make-up Comm. Claire Anderson, Chm.;
Gloria Boisclair &
Bonnie Bouley

Adviser on Indian Make-up Pearl Ware

Publicity Marsha Clement, Bud Annis, John Liljeberg

Tickets Harold and Arlene Annis

Properties Bonnie Bouley, Sally Morgan, Ky Stratoti

Rehearsal Accompanists Jo Millett & Clare Farr

Patrons Connie Harvey

Ushers Connie Harvey, Chm.;
Gloria Devine,
Mary Rusch,
Frances Bosowski, Dea Langendoen,
Gloria Boisclair,
Faye Eckman,
Maureen Callahan,
Irene Archambault,
Diane Watts,
Pauline Gill,
Mary Raisanen,
Bob Callahan,
Eugene Watts

Prompters Kay Goranson & Betty Callahan

Program Connie Harvey

Symphony Orchestra rehearsals for “Annie Get Your Gun” have been under the
direction of Mr. Steve Norris.

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers


Scene 1 The Wilson House. A Summer Hotel on the Outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio, July

“Colonel Buffalo Bill” Charlie & Ensemble

“I’m a Bad, Bad Man” Frank & Girls-Dance Ensemble

“Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly Annie, Children & Wilson

“The Girl That I Marry” Frank Butler

“You Can’t Get a Man With A Gun” Annie Oakley

“There’s No Business Like Show Business” Charlie, Annie, Frank, Buffalo Bill

Scene 2 Pullman Parlor in an Overland Steam Train. Six weeks later.

“They Say It’s Wonderful” Annie and Frank

“Moonshine Lullaby” Annie, Trio & Children

Scene 3 The Fair Grounds at Minneapolis, Minn. A few days later.

“I’ll Share It All With You” Winnie & Tommy

Scene 3A The Arena of the Big Tent

“Circus Dance to Wild West” Principal Girl Dancer & Ensemble

“Reprise of Show Business” Annie

“My Defences Are Down” Frank & Boys

Scene 4 A Dressing Room Tent. The same day.

Scene 5 The Arena of the Big Tent. Later that night.

“Indian Dance” Principal Boy Dancer & Ensemble

“I’m an Indian Too” Annie

Adoption Dance Annie & Dance Ensemble

Reprise “You Can’t Get A Man With A Gun” Annie


Scene 1 The Deck of a Cattle Boat. Eight months later.

“Lost In His Arms” Annie

Scene 2 Ball Room of the Hotel Brevoort, New York, N.Y. The next week.

“Who Do You Love” Winnie & Tommy — Dance Ensemble

“I Got The Sun In The Morning” Annie & Company

Reprise “They Say It’s Wonderful” Annie & Frank

Reprise “The Girl That I Marry” Frank

Scene 3 The Dock of the Governor’s Island Ferry. Next morning.

Scene 4 Governor’s Island. Near the fort. Immediately following.

“Anything You Can Do” Annie & Frank

Reprise of “Show Business” Ensemble

Finale “They Say It’s Wonderful” Company