South Pacific (1966)

Nashua Senior High School
November 18 & 19, 1966


(A participating member of the Arts & Science Association)



by Rodgers & Hammerstein

with musical accompaniment by members of


Production Administrator Harry Strickland
Musical Conductor Steve Norris
Dramatics Betty Callahan
Choreography Mary Makris and Gloria Boisclair
Accompanist Jo Millett

Cast of Characters

Emile’ de Becque Frank L. Harvey

Ens. Nellie Forbush Barbara Haggblom

Luther Billis Andrew Landry

Bloody Mary Marie Cotterman

Captain Brackett Al Tamulonis

Commander Harbison Rod Ricard

Lt. Joseph Cable Herbert Haines

Stewpot Albert Miller

Liat Patricia Skillas

Lt. Buzz Adams Charles Kowalski

Ngana Louise Simoneau

Jerome Randy Peyser

Henry John Tamanakis

Special Dancers Gloria Boisclair, Ernest Fernandez

Men’s Chorus Bud Annis,
Gene Watts,
Jon Winer,
Robert Lind,
Dave Pierce,
John Liljeberg,
Howard Denton,
Ernie Fernandez,
Angelo Chouramanis,
Charles Kowalski and
Al Miller

Girl’s Chorus (The Nurses) Mary Ann Logan,
Shelia Charter,
Celia Shooman,
Mary Gladys Orlyk,
Gloria Boisclair,
Maureen Callahan,
Joan Colburn,
Lois Radford,
Bonnie Bouley,
Ann Georgopoulos,
Fran Bosowski,
Penny Tamulonis and
Connie Harvey

Members of the Symphony Orchestra

Frederica Haynes

Robin Warren

Edward Clement

Judith Brown

Roland Warren

Hector Poulin

Margaret Warren

John Mackey

Kathleen Cooney

Gloria Fraser

Mary Ann Yergeau

Eugene Marteney

Steve Burnard

Heyward Williams

Donald Wallin

and Henry Allain


Special thanks is due to:

VFW and American Legion for use of their halls for our rehearsals.

Heat, Incorporated for use of their facilities.

Production Staff

Production Administrator Harry Strickland

Production Managers Don Smith and Tom Gill

Stage Manager Warren Tomasian

Stage Crew Don Smith,
Maurice Buckley,
Bob Cotterman,
Carl Cudhea,
Bob Mills,
Tom Gill,
Ernest Peterson,
Joseph O’Hara

Lighting Harry Strickland

Sound Bob Cotterman

Costumes Penny Tamulonis & Linnea Munier, Co-Chm.;
Judy Bauscha,
Connie Harvey

Millinery Marcelle Houle

Make-up Claire Anderson, Chm.,
Suzanne Jazel,
Priscilla Wehrfritz,
Ruth Garvey,
Naia Florence,
Lee Curtis,
Bonnie Bouley,
Gloria Boisclair,
Dot Marcek,
Sylvia Dobrowski,
Barbara Scheider &
Richard Pudlo

Publicity John Liljeberg, Bonnie Bouley, and Peggie Cronk

Tickets Bud and Arlene Annis

Properties Rachel Simoneau, Chm.;
Barbara Pudlo,
Linda Annis and
Ann Van Norstrand

Patrons Ky Stratoti

Rehearsal Accompanists Jo Millett, Clare Farr & Bob Lind

Ushers Dot Marcek, Chm.;
Linnea Munier,
Ky Stratoti,
Faye Eckman,
Fran Peterson,
Leslie Eastman,
Lorraine Collins & Irene Archambault

Prompter Pat White

Program Connie Harvey

Symphony Orchestra rehearsals for South Pacific have been under the
direction of Mr. Jerome Cohen the Nashua Symphony Conductor.

Synopsis of Scenes


Scene 1 Terrace of Emile de Becque’s Plantation Home

Scene 2 Company Street

Scene 3 On The Beach

Scene 4 Company Street

Scene 5 Inside The Island Commander’s Office

Scene 6 Company Street

Scene 7 Another Part of the Beach

Scene 8 Company Street

Scene 9 Inside The Island Commander’s Office

Scene 10 On The Island Of Bali Hai

Scene 11 Inside Liat’s Hut

Scene 12 Island Of Bali Hai

Scene 13 Terrace of Emile de Becque’s Plantation Home


Scene 1 The Stage During The Thanksgiving Follies

Scene 2 Backstage at the Follies

Scene 3 Stage of Thanksgiving Follies

Scene 4 Backstage at the Follies

Scene 5 On The Landing Strip at the Airfield

Scene 6 The Radioroom

Scene 7 Pilot’s Briefing

Scene 8 Radio Shack

Scene 9 Company Street

Scene 10 Another Part of the Beach

Scene 11 Company Street

Scene 12 Emile’s Terrace

Musical Numbers in Sequence

“Dites-Moi” Ngana & Jerome

“A Cockeyed Optimist” Nellie Forbush

“Twin Soliloquies” Nellie & Emile

“Some Enchanted Evening” Emile de Becque

“Dites-Moi” Ngana, Jerome & Emile

“Bloody Mary” Men’s Chorus

“There Is Nothin’ Like A Dame” Billis & Men’s Chorus

“Bali Ha’i” Bloody Mary

“Bali Ha’i” reprise Lt. Cable

“I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out-a My Hair” Nellie, Dinah, Janet & Girls

“Some Enchanted Evening” reprise Emile & Nellie

“I’m In Love With A Wonderful Guy” Nellie & Emile

“Bali Ha’i” reprise French and native girls

“Younger Than Springtime” Lt. Cable

“I’m In Love With A Wonderful Guy” Nellie & Emile

“This Is How It Feels” Emile & Nellie

“I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right out-a My Hair” reprise Emile

“Happy Talk” Bloody Mary

“Honey Bun” Nellie, Billis & Girls

“You’ve Got to be Carefully Taught” Lt. Cable

“This Nearly Was Mine” Emile de Becque

“Dites-Moi” reprise Emile, Nellie & Children

Finale Ensemble

The next Symphony concert will be on November 29th.