Brigadoon (1965)

Fairgrounds Elementary School
May 14-15 and 21-22, 1965

Book by Alan Jay Lerner

Music by Frederick Loewe

Produced through arrangement with Tams Witmark, New York

Produced by Actorsingers of Nashua

Music Director Kay Goranson

Dramatics Director Frances Peterson

Choreography by Mary Makris

Accompanists Clare Farr – Mary Rusch – Bob DeYoung

Dramatis Personae

(in the order in which they appear)

Tommy Albright Howard Denton

Jeff Douglas Sam Curtis

Archie Beaton Al Tamulonis

Harry Beaton Dave Pierce

Fiona MacLaren Connie Harvey

Jean MacLaren Faye Eckman

Andrew MacLaren Robert Callahan

Angus McGuffie Maurice Buckley

Meg Brockie Francesa Bosowski

Charles Dalrymple Robert McGinnis

Mr. Lundie William James

Frank, The Bartender Harry Strickland

Jane Ashton Penny Tamulonis

Townfolk Of Brigadoon

Sandy Dean, Candy Maid Frances Peterson

MacLeod, The Milkman Don Smith

MacMillan, The Meatman Bob Goss

1st Dancing Girl Linnea Munier

2nd Dancing Girl Marcia Miosky

and Susan Burns,
Terry Hauser,
Margaret Brockaway,
Claire Anderson,
Dorothy Marcek,
Ann Jeffrey,
Marsha Clement,
Barbara Pudlow,
Dottie Monser,
Tom Gill,
Ernest Peterson,
Douglas Robbe,
Angie Chourmanis,
Harold Annis,
Dick Poole

Children of Brigadoon Eileen Callahan,
Mary-Lynn Graham,
Paul Badeau,
Dan Marcek or John Marcek,
Billy Monser

Sword Dancer (Maggie) Margaret Thibeau

Bagpiper Will MacKay


Clare FarrMary RuschBob DeYoung


House of Charm for Miss Ashton’s Wig

Bergeron’s for tails for Mr. Farr and Mr. DeYoung

Production Staff

Production Co-ordinator Harry Makris

Production Manager Harry Strickland

Production Assistants Marcelle Houle,
Dorothy Marcek,
Claire Anderson,
John & Linnea Munier

Set Construction Ernest PetersonDick Brockaway

Set Design Don Miosky

House Chairmen Ruth GarveyHelen Kiratsos


First weekend Linda Annis,
Joanne Garvey,
Elaine Bosowski,
Connie Simoneau,
Carolyn Drury

Second Weekend Ann Bucknam,
Karen Lynch,
Karen Goranson,
Elizabeth Kellogg,
Sheila Putnam

Stage Crew Carl Cudhea,
Frank Graham,
Judy Tyler,
Frank Harvey,
Richard Brockaway,
John Munier,
Richard Johnson

Lighting Pete Pijoan & Bob Goss

Props Nancy Cyr & Lee Caros

Costumes Margaret TamulonisKy Stratoti,
Marcia Miosky,
Connie Harvey,
Beth Tebbetts

Prompters Mary McKinley & Jeannette Cote

Make-up Claire Anderson,
Arlene & Linda Annis,
Betty Badeau,
Marcelle Houle,
Ky Stratoti,
Penny Tamulonis,
Pearl Ware

Publicity Marsha Clement and Dorothy Marcek,
Marcia Miosky,
Arlene Annis,
Harry Makris,
Kay Goranson

Patrons Connie Harvey, chairman;
Helen Kiratsos,
John Liljeberg,
Arlene Annis,
Marcia Miosky,
Marie Slocum,
Betty Callahan

Tickets Harold & Arlene Annis, Vera Buckley

Concessions Edgar Simoneau; Alan Kantargis & Richard Sharpe

Program Betty Callahan

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act I

Scene 1 Forest Near Brigadoon – 5 A.M. on a May Morning

Brigadoon Chorus

Scene 2 Roadside To Brigadoon and MacConnachy Square – Same Morning

Vendor’s Calls Chorus

Down on MacConnachy Square Chorus

I’ll Go Home To Bonnie Jean Charlie and Chorus

Bonnie Jean Dance Chorus

Heather On The Hill Tommy and Fiona

Scene 3 Brockie Open Shed – Just Past Noon

Love of My Life Meg

Scene 4 MacLaren House – Mid Afternoon

Jeannie’s Packin’ Up Girls

Come To Me, Bend To Me Charlie

Come To Me, Bend To Me – Dance Jeannie & Girls

Almost Like being In Love Tommy & Fiona

Scene 5 Outside Mr. Lundie’s House – Immediately After

Act II

Scene 1 Kirk of Brigadoon – At Dusk

Wedding Dance Chorus

Sword Dance Maggie

Bagpiper – Will MacKay

Scene 2 Roadside Near Brigadoon – Later

There But For You Go I Tommy & Fiona

Scene 3 Glen Near Brigadoon – Soon After

Dance Chorus

My Mother’s Wedding Day Meg

Dance Chorus

The Funeral Dance Maggie

Bagpiper – Will MacKay

From This Day On Tommy & Fiona

Scene 4 A Bar in N.Y.C. – 4 Months Later

Reprises Fiona & Charlie & Chorus

Scene 5 Forest near Brigadoon – 3 Nites Later