Winter Concert (1965)

Fairgrounds Elementary School
January 9-10, 1965

Director Nancy Winsor
Accompanist Jo Millett
Narrator Frances Peterson

Soprano Claire Anderson,
Arlene Annis,
Irene Archambault,
Betty Callahan,
Phyllis Davis,
Fay Eckman,
Virginia Fifield,
Ruth Garvey,
Ethel S. Jones,
Glenda Hayes,
Marcelle Houle,
Mary McKinley,
Alice Pelletier,
Frances Peterson,
Ethel Slawsby,
Marie Slocum,
Virginia Smith

Alto Leslie Eastman,
Naia Florence,
Eleanor Keating,
Dorothy Marcek,
Louise Stulgis,
Noreen Tappan,
Blanche Vassilakos,
Bertha Wegener,
Geraldine Zellner

Tenor William Batchelder,
Edmund Garvey,
Edgar Simoneau,
George Woodrow, Jr.

Baritone Maurice Buckley,
Carl Cudhea,
Howard Denton,
Robert Goss,
John Liljeberg,
Ernest Peterson,
Douglas Robbe,
Harry Strickland

Bass Harold Annis,
Angelo Chouramanis,
Frank Harvey,
Harry Makris

String Quartet

1st violin Frederica Haynes

2nd violin Paul Chappell

Viola Claire Morrison

Cello Doris Whitney

Costumes Beth Tebbetts, Penny Tamulonis

Decor Marcelle Houle

Lighting Robert Goss

Make-up Pearl Ware, Arlene Annis

Program Helen Kiratsos

Staging Harry Strickland,
Ernest Peterson,
Robert Goss,
Frank Graham,
Edgar Simoneau

Tableaux Frances Peterson, Marietta Vore

Tickets John Liljeberg

Trees courtesy of Gate City Gardens


The Twelve Days of Christmas Arr. Ruth Abbott

Irene Archambault, Eleanor Keating, Ernest Person, Frances Peterson, Marie Slocum, George Woodrow, Jr.

Lionel Boucher, Donald Miosky, Barbara Shepherd, Jeanne Simoneau, Ky Stratoti


Break Forth, O Beauteous, Heav’nly Light J. S. Bach

Gloria in Excelsis (from the 12th Mass) Mozart

Gloria Patri G. B. da Palestrina

Our Father Alexander Gretchaninoff

Glory to God in the Highest G. B. Pergolesi

Sopranos Ruth Garvey, Mary McKinley, Virginia Smith

Altos Eleanor Keating, Dorothy Marcek, Geraldine Zellner

Tenor William Betchelder

Bass Frank Harvey

Tableau Eileen Callahan, Suzanne Garvey, Diane Stratoti, Joanne Stratoti, Anita Ware


Concert Grosso No. 8 (Christmas Concerto) Covelli

1st violin Frederica Haynes

2nd violin Paul Chappell

Viola Claire Morrison

Cello Doris Whitney

Piano Jo Millett

Cantata No. 142 “To Us a Child is Born” J. S. Bach

Concerto String Quartet and Piano

To Us a Child is Born Chorus

Thus Thy Day of Birth Appeareth Howard Denton, Baritone

Unto His Holy Name Sing Praises Chorus

Lord, To Thee Be Thanks Edgar Simoneau, Tenor

Recitative: Immanuel, In Thy Great Mercy Eleanor Keating, Alto

Lord To Thee Be Praised Eleanor Keeting, Alto

Alleluia Chorus

— Intermission —


Go Tell It On The Mountain, spiritual Arr. John W. Work

Soprano Betty Callahan

Tenor William Batchelder

Tableau Maureen Callahan

De Glory Manger, spiritual Arr. Gerhard Schroth

Soprano Marcelle Houle

The Christmas Symbol F. Melius Christiansen

1st soprano Fay Eckman

2nd soprano Dorothy Marcek

The Little Drummer Boy Harry Simeone

Drummer Peter Boucher

Jingle Bells Arr. Don Large

Tableau Donald Miosky, Marcia Miosky

Thank you for attending Winter Concert, Actorsingers first activity
of the year. We hope you have enjoyed our performance as much as we
have enjoyed presenting it to you. The new year finds the Actorsingers
busily at work on 1965 presentations. Future attractions include:

Hansel and Gretel, under the able directorship of Nancy Laudien,
to be presented by the Junior Actorsingers in mid-March. Auditions
will be held in January for the children of members, patrons, and friends.
Friends wishing to become patrons must contact Mrs. Frank Harvey,
5 Woodland Drive, telephone 2-6244, by January 12.

Brigadoon will be presented by the Actorsingers this coming
Spring. Announcements of tryouts and audition dates will be made very
shortly. Anyone wishing an application for membership may contact
Mrs. Dan Marcek, 40 Dublin Avenue, telephone 2-8397.

A happy and prosperous 1965 to all our friends.