The New Moon (1964)

Fairgrounds Elementary School
May 22-24, 1964

“The New Moon”
A Musical Romance

Music by Sigmund Romberg

Book and Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein 2nd,
Frank Mandel and Lawrence Schwab

Produced by James A. Wood
Directed by Nancy Hendrick
Choreography by Nancy Byers
Pianists: Jo Millett and Constance Wood

(Produced by arrngement with Tams-Witmark Music Library, New York)

The Actorsingers is a cooperating member of The Arts and Science Center

Dramatis Personae

(in the order in which they appear)

Julie, Marianne’s maid Faye Eckman

A Seamstress Linnea Munier

Two Girls Marcia Miosky, Marie Slocum

Butler Richard Sharp

Monsieur Beaunoir, Marianne’s father Robert Callahan

Capt. Georges Duval, of “The New Moon” Harry Makris

Vicomte Ribaud, a Parisian Prefect Roger Maloney

Robert Mission, a bond servant Howard Denton

Alexander, another bond servant Edgar Simoneau

Besace, boatswain of “The New Moon” Clarence Cormier

Jacques, ship’s carpenter Ernest Berube

Marianne Beaunoir Irene Archambault

Fouchette, aide to Ribaud David Johnson

Tavern Waitress Marcelle Houle

Tavern Dancer Kay Goranson

Philippe, a friend of Robert’s William Morgan

Tavern Girl Patricia White

Tavern Proprietor James Burns

Sailors Douglas Robbe,
Ernest Peterson,
John Liljeberg

Two Ladies Nancy Laudien, Dorothy Marcek

Clotilde Lombaste, from the brides’ ship Betty Callahan

Brunet, a sailor John Munier

Sailors Robert Goss,
Carl Cudhea,
Angelo Chourmanis

Capt. DeJean, of the French Navy Lionel Boucher

Servants, Tavern Girls, Ladies, and Brides Doris Cobb,
Leslie Eastman,
Kay Goranson,
Connie Harvey,
Louise King,
Barbara Maloney,
Alice Miller,
Estelle Ogle,
Ky Stratoti,
Nancy Laudien,
Dorothy Marcek,
Marcia Miosky,
Marie Slocum,
Marcelle Houle,
Linnea Munier,
Margaret Tamulonis,
Beth Tebbetts,
Patricia White

Sailors, Courtiers, Pirates, and Servants James Burns,
Carl Cudhea,
Angelo Chourmanis,
Robert Goss,
John Liljeberg,
John Munier,
Roger Lovejoy,
Ernest Peterson,
Douglas Robbe,
William Simoneau,
Donald Smith,
Harry Strickland,
David Johnson


We wish to thank our many friends for their kindness and generosity in
helping to make this production possible. Especially are we grateful to our
Patrons and Patronesses, and to all who have worked on the various committees.

Production Staff

Production Managers Harry Strickland and
Ernest Peterson

Production Assistant Faye Eckman

Assistants Harold Annis,
Morris Buckley,
Lee Caros,
Carl Cudhea,
Leslie Eastman,
Robert Goss,
Connie Harvey,
Louise King,
Eileen Lowry,
Barbara Maloney,
Dorothy Marcek,
Donald Miosky,
Sally Morgan,
Frances Peterson,
Ky Stratoti,
Albin Tamulonis,
Anne Terrien

Stage Manager Harold Annis

Assistants Morris Buckley,
Tom Butt,
Robert Collins,
Frank Graham,
Frank Harvey,
John Lockitt,
James Morgan,
Prentiss Shepherd,
Albin Tamulonis

Set Design and Decor Jeff Smith

Assistants Marcelle Houle,
Pauline Migneault,
Sally Morgan

Set Decoration and Drops Doris Cobb,
Barbara Monroe,
Barbara Shepherd

Costume Design and Creation Beth Tebbetts and
Margaret Tamulonis

Assistants Doris Cobb,
Barbara Maloney,
Pearl Ware

Wardrobe Ruth Garvey

Assistants Dorothy Boucher,
Lorraine Collins,
Barbara Monroe

House Manager Clarence Cormier

Make-up Pearl Ware

Assistants Arlene Annis,
Betty Badeau,
Lorraine Graham,
Lee Lewandowski,
Barbara Maloney

Properties Lee Caros

Assistants Doris Burns,
Sylvia Dobrowolski,
Anne Terrien

Lighting Robert Goss and George King

Publicity Kay Goranson,
Barbara Maloney,
Marcia Mioshy,
Norma Moore

Membership Marcelle Houle

Tickets John Liljeberg and Sally Morgan

Patrons Marie Slocum

Program Dorothy Marcek

Recording Farrington Truell

Prompter Pat White

Ushers Frances Peterson.

Friday Ruth Arnold,
Janet Fitch,
Donna DiGeronimo,
Karen Goranson,
Susan Hamblett,
Elizabeth Kellogg,
Betty Olshewsky,
Christine Olshewsky,
Diane Ware

Saturday Anne Bucknam,
Sally Johnson,
Karen Lynch,
Betsy March,
Shelly LaBombard,
Paula Peterson,
Janet St. Hilaire

Sunday Linda Annis,
Anne Bucknam,
Diana Drury,
Margaret Hall,
Bertha Safford,
Mary Lou Sullivan

New Moon is an enchanting musical romance which takes place in New Orleans in 1792.

Monsieur Beaunoir is awaiting the arrival of Vicomte Ribaud, the
great detective, who has traced Robert Mission, a chevalier and
revolutionist, to New Orleans where he is indentured as a bondsman to
Monsieur Beaunoir in order to escape from France.

Robert determines to escape again and sings a farewell to Marianne,
Beaunoir’s daughter. A quarrel ensues over the love of Marianne with much
excitement and near bloodshed.

Robert meets Marianne at a gala ball at Beaunoir’s home, wins number
one in the drawing and with it, the privilege of a dance, a kiss and her

Robert is sent back to France on the ship “New Moon” and a
breathtaking battle takes place between pirates and sailors of two brigs.
All the colonists are landed on an island where they set up a republic. A
year later all are happily married and are told by an arriving French ship
that France has been declared a republic and all are free.


(Refreshments will be sold before and after the show, and during intermission.
No Smoking in auditorium!)

Synopsis of Scenes

TIME: In the year 1792, and immediately following


Scene 1 Home of M. Beaunoir, outside New Orleans

Scene 2 On the way to the tavern

Scene 3 At the Chez Creole Tavern, in new Orleans

Scene 4 Home of M. Beaunoir


Scene 1 On the deck of “The New Moon”

Scene 2 On an island — a road from the beach

Scene 3 At the stockade gate

Scene 4 Near the beach

Scene 5 At the stockade gate