Princess Ida (1963)

Fairgrounds Elementary School
November 15-16, 1963

“Princess Ida”
or “Castle Adamant”

Book by W. S. Gilbert

Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan

Produced by James A. Wood

Directed by Nancy Byers and James A. Wood

Choreography by Nancy Byers

Pianists Jo Millett and Constance Wood

(Produced through arrangement with Tracy Music Library, Boston, Massachusetts)

(The Actorsingers are cooperating members of The Arts and Science Center)

Dramatis Personae

(in the order in which they appear)

Florian, friend of Hilarion Howard P. Denton

King Hildebrand David K. Johnson

Cyril, friend of Hilarion Albert Bedard

Sons of King Gama

Arac Ernest Peterson

Guron Albin Tamulonis

Scynthius Clarence Cormier

King Gama David M. Wood

Melissa, Lady Blanche’s daughter Irene Archambault

Lady Psyche, Professor of Humanities Ruth Garvey

Sacharissa, girl graduate Estelle Ogle

Lady Blanche, Professor of Abstract Science Betty Callahan

Chloe, girl graduate Kay Goranson

Princess Ida, King Gama’s daughter Frances Peterson

Ada, girl graduate Leslie Eastman

Guards (*) Alan Kantargis, Richard Sharp

Ladies of the Court, Girl Graduates Faye Eckman,
Leslie Eastman,
Kay Goranson,
Marcia Miosky,
Beverly Nichols,
Barbara Renaud,
Barbara Shepherd,
Ky Stratoti,
Rita Wood

Daughters of the Plough Barbara Maloney,
Margaret Tamulonis,
Beth Tebbetts

Courtiers and Soldiers James Burns,
Robert Goss,
John Liljeberg,
Roger Lovejoy,
Roger Maloney,
Prentiss Shepherd,
Donald Smith,
Harry Strickland

(*) former members of Junior Actorsingers



Production Staff

Production Manager Harry Strickland

Production Assistant Faye Eckman

Assistants James Burns,
Lee Caros,
Howard Denton,
Jerry Evans,
José Fernandez,
John Liljeberg,
Eileen Lowry,
Barbara Nichols,
Ernest Peterson,
Barbara Renaud,
Donald Smith

Stage Manager William Morgan

Assistants Harold Annis,
Maurice Buckley,
Robert Collins,
Carl Cudhea,
Jerry Evans,
Frank Graham,
John Lockitt

Set Design and Decor Jeff Smith and Pauline Migneault

Costume Design and Creation Beth Tebbetts and Margaret Tamulonis, co-chairmen;
Dorothy Boucher,
Doris Cobb,
Kathryn Wiggin

Costume Co-ordinator Barbara Monroe

House Manager Clarence Cormier

Make-up Pearl Ware, chairman

Assistants Arlene Annis,
Betty Badeau,
Vernida Evans,
Eileen Lowry,
Barbara Maloney,
Barbara Monroe

Prompter Louise Stulgis

Properties Rachel Simoneau, chairman

Assistants Lee Caros,
Lorraine Graham

Lighting Robert Goss and George King

Publicity Norma Morre, chairman

Assistants Kay Goranson,
Frances Peterson

Membership Marcelle Houle, chairman

Tickets Sally Morgan, chairman

Assistant Kay Goranson

Patrons Marie Slocum, chairman

Assistants Nancy Byers,
Doris Cobb,
Lorraine Graham,
Louise King,
Nancy Laudien,
Marcia Miosky

Program Dorothy Marcek, chairman

Concessions Jean and Ernest Berube

Recording Farrington Truell

Ushers Anne Olshewsky, head usher

Friday evening Ruth Arnold,
Diane Millet,
Betty Olshewsky,
Paula Peterson,
Janet St. Hilaire,
Mary Lou Sullivan

Saturday evening Linda Annis,
Jean Barker,
Diane Drury,
Janet Fitch,
Sally Johnson,
Christine Olshewsky

Synopsis of Scenes

ACT I Pavilion of King Hildebrand’s Palace


ACT II Gardens of Castle Adamant


ACT III Courtyard of Castle Adamant

“Princess Ida”

Princess Ida, daughter of King Gama, betrothed, since early childhood,
to Hilarion, son of King Hildebrand. As Act I begins Hildebrand’s court awaits
the overdue arrival of Ida for the uniting of the two lovers and kingdoms. Gama
arrives, with his three husky sons, but no Ida. They are all held hostage until
Ida arrives to fulfill the long-standing betrothal. She does not arrive, and so
Hilarion goes off to find her.

Within the castle walls of Ida’s university for women, Hilarion and two
friends arrive, dress as women, and search for Ida. They become involved in
many difficult encounters, but Hilarion does find Ida (quite attractive too he
thinks) and all goes well until Ida discovers the “new girl students” are MEN!
She suffers a fall, the men of Hildebrand’s court arrive and are ready to battle
the women to settle the dispute.

Act II begins with the arrival of the girls to war with Hildebrand’s men,
though they really don’t want to either. Gama and his daughter Ida finally agree
to settle the affair, and instead of the girls battling Hildebrand’s men, the three
sons are pit against Hilarion and his friends, Cyril and Florian. The latter win,
not only the battle, and their quest for Ida’s hand for Hilarion, but also the
solution to Ida’s crusade that women can succeed with no need of men in their
lives to help.


December 10 — Nashua Symphony at High School.

December 14 & 15 — Nashua Theatre Guild’s “Cinderella” at the Fairgrounds School.

February 15 & 16, 1964 — Junior Actorsingers

May 15 & 16, 1964 — Actorsingers’ Spring Production of “New Moon” by Sigmund Romberg.