Little Mary Sunshine (1963)

Fairgrounds Elementary School
May 17-18, 1963

Book, Lyrics and Music by Rick Besoyan

Produced by James A. Wood

Directed by Nancy Hendrick

Choreography by Nancy Byers

(Produced through special arrangement with Music Theatre International, New York)

The Actorsingers are members of the Arts & Science Center

Dramatis Personae

(in the order in which they appear)

The Prologue Mary McKinley

Chief Brown Bear Albin Tamulonis

Cpl. Billy Jester Lewis Bostwick

Capt. Big Jim Warington Frank Harvey

Little Mary Sunshine (Mary Potts) Nancy Laudien

Mme. Ernestine Von Liebedich Marcelle Houle

Nancy Twinkle Lorraine Graham

Fleet Foot Clarence Cormier

Yellow Feather James Burns

Gen. Oscar Fairfax, Ret. Gerald Stevenson

Young Ladies from Eastchester Finishing School

Cora Marcia Miosky

Henrietta Faye Eckman

Gwendolyn Barbara Monroe

Blanche Leslie Eastman

Maud Frances Peterson

Mabel Sylvia Dobrowolski

Ruth Estelle Ogle

Young Gentlemen of the United States Forest Rangers

Pete David Johnson

Slim Robert Denley

Tex Ernest Peterson

Buster Anthony Spadafora

Hank Ernest Berube

Tom Harry Strickland

Chet Philip Van Itallie

Two Pianos

Jo Millett & Constance Wood


Prompters Marie Slocum, Margaret Bostwick

Production Manager Ernest Peterson

Production Assistants Harry Strickland,
Philip Van Itallie,
Anthony Spadafora

Stage Manager William E. Morgan, Jr.

Stage Assistants Maurice Buckley,
Albert Bedard,
Carl Cudhea,
Jerry Evans,
George King,
Laurence Gilligan

Lighting Robert Goss, Lewis Bostwick, Farrington Truell

Special Effects and Sound George King

Sets Geoffrey Smith, Designer and Painter

Painters Pauline Migneault,
Faye Eckman,
Sally Morgan,
Marion Trubacz,
Barbara Shepherd

Properties Elaine Leathers, chairman;
Kay Cormier,
Rachel Simoneau,
Annette Downey,
Barbara Shepherd,
Marion Trubacz

Backdrops and Curtains Leslie Eastman,
Margaret Bostwick,
Doris Cobb,
Barbara Shepherd

Costumes Beth Tebbetts, Margaret Tamulonis, Designers

Costume Co-ordinator Barbara Monroe

Make-up Pearl Ware, chairman;
Vernida Evans,
Barbara Maloney

Wardrobe Administration Sally Morgan, chairman;
Lorraine Charest,
Jeanne Berube,
Vera Buckley,
Doris Burns,
Edna Butt

House Manager Clarence Cormier

Ticket Manager Kay Goranson

Ticket Committee Margaret Bostwick,
Sally Morgan,
Helen Kiratsos

Publicity Ernest Berube, chairman;
Helen Kiratsos,
Frances Peterson,
Louise King,
Marcelle Houle

Head Usher Anne Olshewsky


Friday Betty Olshewsky,
Christine Olshewsky,
Janet Fitch,
Diane Millett,
Martha Poirier,
Ruth Arnold

Saturday Susan Burns,
Shelley Thurber,
Maureen Callahan,
Bertha Safford,
Marylou Sullivan,
Janet St. Hilaire

Refreshment Concession Harold Annis and Arlene Annis

Auditions Committee Maurice Buckley,
Polly Baker,
Nancy Byers,
Jo Millett,
Margaret Bostwick

Official Photographer Ralph Wright

TIME: Early in this century

PLACE: The Colorado Inn, high in the Rocky Mountains

Synopsis of Scenes

ACT I (A Summer Afternoon)

Scene 1 In Front of the Colorado Inn

Scene 2 The Garden

Scene 3 In Front of the Colorado Inn

Scene 4 The Primrose Path

Scene 5 In Front of the Colorado Inn

ACT II (The Same Evening)

Scene 1 In Front of the Colorado Inn

Scene 2 Point Look-out

Scene 3 In Front of Chief Brown Bear’s Teepee

Scene 4 Cora’s Bedroom

Scene 5 The Primrose Path

Scene 6 Point Look-out

Scene 7 In Front of the Colorado Inn