The Story of Christmas (1962)

National Guard Armory
December 2, 1962

“The Story of Christmas”
(a dramatic cantata)

by H. Alexander Mathews

James A. Wood Producer-Director

Jo Millett Organist and Rehearsal Pianist

Alice Ohlson Lavoy Pianist

Tableaux Characters

Angels Lorraine Graham, Jean Berube, Anne Mason

Mary Estelle Ogle

Shepherds Alan Kantargis, Richard Sharp

Joseph Leonard Rule

Magi Kings Robert Denley, Lawrence Gilligan, Lionel Boucher

Herod Robert Collins


Sopranos Doris Cobb, Sylvia Gaskill

Mezzo-Soprano Dorothy Marcek

Tenor William E. Morgan, Jr.

Baritone David K. Johnson

Bass-Baritone Ernest W. Peterson


Trebles Arlene Annis,
Marcelle Houle,
Kay Goranson,
Margaret Bostwick,
Betty Callahan,
Claire Anderson,
Dorothy Marcek,
Sylvia Gaskill,
Doris Cobb,
Beth Tebbetts,
Frances Peterson,
Barbara Monroe,
Carolyn Chandler,
Sylvia Dobrowlski,
Jo Ann Porter,
Elaine Leathers,
Marcia Mioshy,
Margaret Tamulonis,
Sandra Hill,
Constance Wood,
Kathryn Wiggin,
Norma Bouley,
Virginia Dean,
Linda Damon,
Leslie Eastman,
Elizabeth Longfellow

Men Ernest Berube,
Roger Lovejoy,
Lewis Bostwick,
Frank Graham,
William Morgan,
Robert Goss,
Harry Strickland,
Carl Cudhea,
Maurice Buckley,
Jerry Evans,
David Johnson,
Harold Annis,
Albin Tamulonis,
George Fortier,
Clarence Cormier,
Ernest Peterson,
James Burns

(The audience is asked to refrain from applause until the ends of parts Two and Four)

Especially are we grateful to:

William L. Nutting, Inc., Indian Head Millwork Corp.,
Mr. Pete Gagnon, Mrs. Herbert Vore, Lorden Lumber Co.


Venite Adoremus Robert Elmore

(A Festival Prelude for Piano and Organ)


The Story of Christmas H. Alexander Matthews

Part I
The Prophecy

The Annunciation

Part II
The Vision of the Shepherds

The Journey of the Shepherds

Voices of the Sky

— Intermission —

Part III
The Quest of the Magi

The Manger Scene

The Holy Babe

Part IV
The Fulfillment of the Prophecy

The Apotheosis