The Gypsy Baron (1961)

Elm Street Auditorium
November 14 and 17-18, 1961

Music by Johann Strauss, Jr.

Book by Phil Park & Conrad Carter

(from the Original Libretto of Schnitzer)

Produced and Directed by James A. Wood

(Produced by special arrangement with Tams-Witmark Music, New York)

(The programs for this production have been provided through the courtesy
and generosity of Mr. Edward P. Fitch, Investment Securities)

Dramatis Personae

(in the order of their appearance)

Otto, factotum to Kalman Zsupan Albert Bedard

Young Gypsy Men

Mishka Robert Lovejoy

Pali Ernest Berube

Young Gypsy Girls

Franzi Leslie Eastman

Vanya Doris Cobb

Arletta, Zsupan’s only daughter Frances Peterson

Kalman Zsupan, the Mayor, and wealthy pig breeder Lewis Bostwick

Mirabella, Zsupan’s housekeeper Betty Callahan

Czipra, queen of gypsy tribe Marcelle Houle

Saffi, her grandaughter, and a gypsy Princess Irene Archambault

Count Kareska, a civil commissioner David Johnson

Sandor Barinkay, a young returning exile Frank Graham

A Captain of the Hussars William E. Morgan, Jr.

Graf Peter Homonoy, Governor of the province James Burns

Gypsy Girls, Villagers, and Guests Lorraine Collins,
Claire Largy,
Lillian Chase,
Kathryn Wiggin,
Constance Wood,
Barbara Shepherd,
Margaret Bostwick,
Lorraine Graham,
Beth Tebbetts,
Kay Goranson

Villagers, Attentants, Hussars, and Guests Ted Cormier,
Warren Liberty,
Robert Goss,
Prentiss Shepherd,
James Burns,
William Morgan,
Edgar Simoneau,
Carl Cudhea,
Harry Strickland,
Albin Tamulonis

*Gypsy Children Ruth Arnold,
Linda Tamulonis,
Kristin Wood,
Greg Mercer,
Steven Thurber,
Geoffrey Taylor

Gypsy Dancers Kay Goranson,
Claire Largy,
Lorraine Collins,
Leslie Eastman,
Doris Cobb,
Constance Wood

*Flunkeys Richard Sharpe and Alan Kantargis

*Members of the Junior Actorsingers


Accompanists Jo Millett, Corinne Conlon

Choreographer Nancy Byers

Business Administrator Ethel Shenton Jones

Stage Manager Robert Denley

Stage Assistants Harold Annis,
George King,
Robert Collins,
J. Thomas,
Jerry Evans

Production Chairman Robert Denley

Production Assistants George King,
Ernest Peterson,
Harry Strickland, Captains;
Jerry Evans,
William Morgan,
Harold Annis,
Lionel Boucher,
Robert Goss

Properties Sally Morgan,
Doris Burns,
Rachel Simoneau,
Ora Travis,
Kathryn Cormier

Costumes Beth Tebbetts, Margaret Tamulonis, Chairmen

Make-up Pearl Ware,
Vernida Evans,
Barbara Monroe,
Betty Badeau,
Arlene Annis

Wardrobe Administrators Ann Olshewsky,
Ora Travis,
Doris Burns,
Kathryn Cormier,
Sally Morgan,
Vera Buckley,
Rachel Simoneau,
Martha Bedard,
Dorothy Boucher

Decor and Design Geoffrey Smith

Lighting George King, Robert Goss

Entr’Acte Curtain D. Bradley

House Managers Helen Kiratsos, Clarence Cormier

Ticket Manager Robert Callahan

Publicity Sally Morgan, David Johnson

Head Usher Louise King


Tuesday Susan Barker, Laurie Hambleton, Mary Lou Sullivan, Virginia Dean

Friday Bertha Safford, Janet Fitch, Linda Smith, Lorinda Burling

Saturday Mary Ann Olshewsky, Betty Olshewsky, Jane Arnold, Gail Monroe

Program Kathryn Wiggin

Auditions Committee Jo Millett,
Corinne Conlon,
Ethel Shenton Jones,
Maurice Buckley

Ticket Committee Lorraine Graham, Kay Goranson

Official Photographer David Johnson

Wigs Hooker-Howe Costumes Co.

Refreshment Concession Golden Bands

We wish to thank our many friends for their kindness and generosity in
helping make this production possible. Especially are we grateful to our
Patrons and Patronesses, the Nashua Public Library Staff, Mrs. Charles
Holt, Mrs. Jason F. Bickford and James Hough, florist for the flowers in
the lounge.

Synopsis of Scenes

ACT I A roadway outside the gates of Zsupan’s residence in Zrinyi, Hungary

TIME: Early morning


ACT II Near the gypsy encampment on the Barinkay Castle grounds

TIME: Dawn


ACT III A State Room in Vienna

TIME: Early Evening

PERIOD Mid-Eighteenth Century