The Pirates of Penzance (1961)

Good Shepherd Parish House
May 23 and 26-27, 1961

Book by W. S. Gilbert

Music by Arthur Sullivan

Produced and Directed by James A. Wood

Dramatis Personae

(in order of their appearance)

Samuel, Lieutenant of Pirates Edgar Simoneau

The Pirate King David Johnson

Frederic, The Pirate Apprentice William Morgan

Ruth, A Piratical Maid-of-all-Work Joan Collins

Major-General Stanley’s Wards —

Edith Frances Peterson

Kate Lorraine Collins

Isabel Barbara Shepherd

Mabel Anne Olshewsky

Major-General Stanley Warren Liberty

Sergeant of Police Gerald Stevenson

Pirates Lewis Bostwick,
Prentiss Shepherd,
Robert Goss,
Albert Bedard,
Ernest Berube

Police Ernest Peterson,
Clarence Cormier,
James Burns,
Robert Denley,
Harry Strickland,
Jerry Evans

Daughters of Major-General Stanley Leslie Eastman,
Doris Cobb,
Barbara Monroe,
Kay Goranson,
Beth Tebbetts,
Connie Wood,
Irene Archambault,
Sylvia Gaskill,
Margaret Bostwick,
Louise King


Accompanists Jo Millett, Corinne Conlon

Choreographer Nancy Byers

Business Administrator Margaret Bostwick

Stage Manager Lionel Boucher

Stage Assistants Harold Annis,
Robert Collins,
Thomas Butt,
Maurice Buckley,
Carl Cudhea,
Albin Tamulonis

Production Manager Harry Strickland

Production Assistants Albert Bedard,
Robert Goss,
Lewis Bostwick

Lighting Robert Goss, George King

Decor and Design Geoffrey Smith

Properties Sally Morgan

Costumes Beth Tebbetts,
Margaret Tamulonis,
Margaret Bostwick

Hats By Marcelle

Make-up Pearl Ware,
Vernida Evans,
Barbara Monroe,
Arlene Annis,
Elizabeth Thompson Badeau,

Wardrobe Administrators Ruth Denley, Chairman

House Managers Helen Kiratsos, Clarence Cormier

Drop Curtain Decor Damarais Bradley

Ticket Manager Robert Callahan

Ticket Committee Kay Goranson,
Robert Denley,
Helen Kiratsos,
William Morgan

Posters and Publicity Betty Callahan

Auditions Committee Jo Millett,
Corinne Conlon,
Kathryn Wiggin,
Maurice Buckley

Signs Conrad Simard

Ushers Carol Poole, Chairman

Tuesday Evening Jane Arnold,
Bertha Safford,
Betty Hazen,
Mary Lou Sullivan

Friday Evening Linda Smith,
Gail Monroe,
Lorinda Burling,
Virginia Dean

Saturday Evening Janet Fitch,
Sandra Hill,
Linda Damon,
Martha Poirier

Program Kathryn Wiggin

Refreshments Good Shepherd Units
Barbara Hambleton, Chairman


Act I: Rocky seashore on the coast of Cornwall

Act II: Ruined Chapel by moonlight

Time: Early 1880’s