Cox and Box/In the Suds/The Unmusical Impresario (1960)

Good Shepherd Parish House
June 1, 2 and 4, 1960

Produced and Directed by James A. Wood

Cox and Box

(or “The Long-Lost Brothers”)

Dramatis Personae

James John Cox, a journeyman hatterAlbert Couture

Sergeant Bouncer, a lodging house keeperRobert Denley

John James Box, a journeyman printerAlbert Bedard

SCENE: A lodging — bedroom

TIME: Late 1800’s

In The Suds

Dramatis Personae

JacquinotJoseph Clough

Jeannette, his wifeNancy Campbell

Jacquette, her motherEthel Shenton Jones

SCENE: A Laundry

The Unmusical Impresario

Dramatis Personae

Nora, general maid and cook, — plump, enthusiasticMarcelle Houle

Isabel, Madame’s star pupil, — a very pretty girlSylvia Gaskill

Madame DaCapo, who nearly made big-time opera thirty years agoBetty Callahan

Signor Pietro Portamento, the Impresario, handsome and impulsiveWilliam Morgan

Sergeant Clancy, of the local police forceWarren Liberty

Telegraph BoyGeoffrey Tamulonis

Girl Students

Annabelle Barbara Monroe

Berta Margaret Tamulonis

Christine Lorraine Collins

Dorinda Frances Peterson

Estelle Leslie Eastman

Flossie Louise King

Gloria Helen Kiratsos

Harriet Mary Strickland

Josephine Kay Goranson

PolicemenRoger Lovejoy,
Lewis Bostwick,
Robert Goss,
Leonard Rule,
Thomas Butt,
Ted Cormier,
Harry Strickland,
Albin Tamulonis,
James Burns

SCENE: Room in studio of Madame DaCapo

TIME: 1924

[ on 2.5″ x 3″ insert: ]


Connie Wood will play the role of Estelle in tonight’s performance
replacing Leslie Eastman, who is indisposed.


We wish to thank our many friends for their kindness and generosity for
helping make this, our Fifth Anniversary Production possible. Especially
are we grateful to our Patrons, and the following who have loaned
properties: Mrs. Alfred K. Hills, Mrs. Mary Donnelly, Pioneer Antiques –
Tyngsboro, The Liddens – Antiques, Mrs. Fred Cox, Mrs. George Thurber,
Jr., Mr. Eliot Carter.


Accompanists Jo Millett, Corinne Conlon

Choreographer Patricia Harasmisz

Assistant to the Producer and Business Administrator Ethel Shenton Jones

Stage Managers Harold Annis, Ernest Peterson

Stage Assistants Maurice Buckley,
Jerry Evans,
Robert Collins,
Robert Conlon,
Prentiss Shepherd,
Nelson Houle,
George Niles,
Leon Charest,
Richard Poole

Lighting George King, Robert Goss

Decor and Design Geoffrey Smith, Eugenia Yeuell

Scene Construction and Painting George Niles,
Prentiss Shepherd,
Ernest Peterson,
Eugenia Yeuell,
Jerry Evans,
Vernida Evans,
Ted Cormier,
Harry Strickland,
Lionel Boucher

Properties and Set Decor Lewis Bostwick, Margaret Bostwick

Hand Properties and Sound Effects Connie Wood, Rachel Simoneau

Costumes Beth Tebbetts and Margaret Tamulonis, Co-Chairmen

Make-up Pearl Ware, Chairman;
Betty Badeau,
Vernida Evans

Wardrobe Administrators Ann Olshewsky, Chairman;
Arlene Annis,
Irene Archambault,
Vera Buckley,
Doris Cobb,
Jeannette Couture,
Ruth Denley,
Marilyn Kantargis,
Sally Morgan,
Carol Poole,
Louise Stulgis,
Connie Wood

House Manager Ted Cormier

Program Kathryn Wiggin, Ralph Wright

Ticket Manager Robert Callahan;
Barbara Shepherd,
Dorothy Boucher

Publicity Kay Goranson, Ruth Denley

Auditions Committee Ernest Berube,
Corinne Conlon,
David Crockett,
Jo Millett

Ushers Shirley Liberty, Chairman.

Wednesday night Susan Barker,
Shirley Kantargis,
Leanne Hutchins,
Elizabeth Longfellow,
Elizabeth Petraske

Thursday night Linda Damon,
Virginia Dean,
Shirley Kantargis,
Joan Millett,
Nancy Schindler

Saturday night Jean Boucher,
Laurie Hambleton,
Gail Monroe,
Mary Ann Olshewsky,
Joan Tally

Refreshment Concessions Good Shepherd Units VII, VIII, IX

Official Photographer for Actorsingers: RALPH R. WRIGHT