The Yeomen of the Guard (1959)

Elm Street Auditorium
November 17, 19 and 21, 1959


“The Yeomen of the Guard”
“The Merryman and his Maid”

Book by W. S. Gilbert

Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan

Produced and Directed by James A. Wood

(The programs for this production have been provided through the courtesy
and generosity of Mr. Edward P. Fitch, Investment Securities)

Dramatis Personae

(in the order of their appearance)

Phoebe Meryll (Sgt. Meryll’s daughter) Frances Peterson

Wilfred Shadbolt (Head Jailer and Assistant Tormentor) Robert Denley

Second Yeoman Lewis Bostwick

Dame Carruthers (Housekeeper to the Tower) Kathryn Wiggin

Sgt. Meryll (of the Yeomen) Richard Poole

Leonard Meryll (Sgt. Meryll’s son) Albert Bedard

Sir Richard Cholmondely (Lieutenant of the Tower) James Burns

Colonel Fairfax (under sentence of death) William Morgan

Jack Point (a strolling jester) Warren Liberty

Elsie Maynard Mary Strickland

First Citizen Ernest Peterson

Second Citizen Robert Goss

First Yeoman Roger Lovejoy

The Monk George S. Niles

The Headsman George King

Kate (Dame Carruthers’s niece) Irene Archambault

Citizens and Villagers Margaret Bostwick,
Paula Bryson,
Betty Callahan,
Leslie Eastman,
Kay Goranson,
Marcelle Houle,
Ethel Shenton Jones,
Sylvia Gaskill,
Louise King,
Pauline Sinclair,
Beth Tebbetts,
Barbara Shepherd,
Eugenia Yeuell,
Marilyn Kantargis,
Helen Kiratsos,
Carol Poole,
Miriam Richmond,
Nancy Campbell,
Connie Wood,
Irene Archambault

Yeomen Of The Guard and Citizens Albert Bedard,
Lewis Bostwick,
Roger Lovejoy,
Ted Cormier,
Donald Hurd,
Robert Goss,
Ernest Peterson,
Harry Strickland,
Roy J.M.Pierce,
Jerry Evans


Flowers on the mantel in the lounge courtesy of James L. Hough, Florist

Spinning wheel through courtesy of N. H. League of Arts and Crafts

Accompanists gowns for Mrs. Millett and Mrs. Conlon created by Corinne Conlon

The stage has been completely rewired and new lighting equipment installed by Robert Goss and George King.

Gun courtesy of Edwin Johnston, Reeds Ferry


Accompanists Jo Millett, Corinne Conlon

Choreographer Pauline Sinclair

Assistant to the Producer and Business Administrator Ethel Shenton Jones

Stage Manager Ralph Wright

Assistant Stage Manager and Assistants George S. Niles,
Harold Annis,
Lionel Boucher,
Prentiss Shepherd

Lighting Robert Goss, George King

Decor and Design Geoffrey Smith, Dee Bradley

Scene Construction and Painting George Niles,
Ralph Gould,
Prentiss Shepherd,
Ernest Peterson,
Eugenia Yeuell,
Jerry Evans,
Ted Cormier,
Harry Strickland

Properties and Set Decor Aurora Travis,
Rachel Simoneau,
Lewis Bostwick,
Margaret Bostwick

Costumes Beth Tebbetts and Margaret Tamulonis, Co-Chairmen;
Carol Poole,
Tracy Music Company, Boston

Wigs Hooker-Howe Costume Company

Make-up Pearl Ware, Chairman;
Betty Badeau,
Norma April,
Helen Kiratsos

Wardrobe Administrators Margaret Tamulonis,
Doris Cobb,
Shirley Liberty,
Louise Stulgis,
Barbara Monroe,
Theresa Hauser,
Doris Burns,
Vernida Evans,
Ruth Denley,
Arlene Annis,
Dot Boucher

House Manager Helen Kiratsos

Ticket Manager Robert Callahan

Ticket Chairmen Ruth Denley, Sally Morgan

Publicity Harold and Arlene Annis

Posters, Signs Paula Bryson, Dee Bradley

Auditions Committee Alice Lavoy,
Jo Millett,
Corinne Conlon,
David Crockett

Ushers Mary Ann Olshewsky,
Frances Morency,
Laurie Hambleton,
Susan Barker,
Joanne Tally,
Valerie Tomasian,
Gail Monroe,
Susan Veitch,
Leanne Hutchins

Refreshment Concessions Girls Friendly Society Leaders, Unit IX, Unit VII, GSGuild

Synopsis of Scenes

Tower Green, London–16th Century

ACT I – Afternoon

ACT II – Midnight, Two Days Later