The Lantern Marriage/The Sorcerer (1958)

Good Shepherd Parish House
June 3-5, 1958

The Lantern Marriage

Dramatis Personae

Peter, a peasant farmerLionel Boucher

Denise, second cousin of PeterEileen Kashulines

Two rather merry widows

Catherine Barbara Monroe

Ann Frances Peterson

AnnouncerGerald Stevenson

SCENE: Outside Peter’s house

TIME: The present

(The tradition of the lyric theatre will be followed and
curtain calls will be made at the end of each act.)

(There will be a ten minute intermission between operettas;
refreshments are available in the lounge, where smoking is permitted.)

The Sorcerer

Dramatis Personae

Mrs. PartletEthel Shenton Jones

Constance, her daughterMary Strickland

Dr. Daly, Vicar of PloverleighLeonard Rule

Sir Marmaduke PointdextreGerald Stevenson

Alexis, his sonWilliam E. Morgan, Jr.

Aline, betrothed to AlexisAnne Olshewsky

Lady Sangazure, a Lady of Ancient LineageMarcelle Houle

NotaryChauncey Uphoff

Hercules, assistant to Mr. WellsTed Labombard

John Wellington Wells, of J. W. Wells & Co., family of sorcerersRodney Mansfield

Chorus of FriendsKay Goranson,
Doris Cobb,
Beth Tebbetts,
Arlene Annis,
Theresa Hauser,
Betty DerManoogian,
Louise Stulgis,
Margaret Tamulonis,
Helen Kiratsos,
Ellen Jebb,
Constance Wood,
Nancy Hammond,
Roger Lovejoy,
Donald Hurd,
Robert Simoneau,
Kenneth Mayo,
Edgar Simoneau,
Harry Tong,
Gobert Goss,
David Cross,
Ernest Peterson,
Albin Tamulonis,
Harold Annis,
James Burns

AttendantsDonald Mellor,
Daniel Hodge,
Robert Burns,
William Simoneau

ACT I: Exterior of Sir Marmaduke’s Mansion

Time: Midday

(Twelve hours are supposed to elapse between Acts I and II)

ACT II: Exterior of Sir Marmaduke’s Mansion

Time: Midnight

(Date — in the late 1800’s)

(There will be curtain calls after each act;
a ten minute intermission will occur between acts)

Musical Synopsis
OVERTURE (Pianists)

CHORUS, “Ring forth ye bells” (Chorus)

RECIT & ARIA, “When he is here” (Mrs. Partlet & Constance)

RECIT & BALLAD, “Time was” (Dr. Daly)

CHORUS, “With heart & with voice” (Chorus)

RECIT & ARIA, “Happy young heart” (Aline)

RECIT, “My child” (Lady Sangazure)

CHORUS, “With heart” (Chorus)

DUET, “Welcome joy” (Marmaduke & Sangazure)

ENSEMBLE, “All is prepared” (All)

BALLAD, “For love alone” (Alexis)

SONG, “My name” (Mr. Wells)

INCANTATION, “Sprites of earth” (All)

FINALE, “Now to the banquet” (All)

TRIO and CHORUS, “Tis twelve” (All)

ENSEMBLE, “Dear friends” (All)

BALLAD, “It is not love” (Alexis)

QUINTETT, “I rejoice” (Aline, Mrs. Partlet, Alexis, Dr. Daly, Marmaduke)

RECIT & DUET, “Oh I have wrought” (Mr. Wells & Lady Sangazure)

RECIT & AIR, “Alexis” (Aline)

SONG, “Oh my voice” (Dr. Daly)

ENSEMBLE, “Oh joyous boon” (All)

RECIT, “Prepare for sad surprises” (Alexis)

FINALE, “Or he or I must die” (All)

(The term “navvy” appears in some of the text and means “an unskilled or common laborer”)


We wish to thank all of our friends for their kindness and generosity
in making this production possible. We ask that you patronize
those who have advertised with us, as local merchants who
merit your business.


Producer and Director James A. Wood

Assistant to the Producer and Business Administrator Ethel Shenton Jones

Accompanists Jo Millett and Corinne Conlon

Stage Manager Ralph Wright

Stage Assistants Maurice Buckley,
George Niles,
Thomas W. Butt,
Robert Conlon,
Gerald Cady,
Ralph Cudhea,
Chester Jones

Decor and Painting Geoffrey Smith, Dee Bradley

Scene Construction Lionel Boucher,
Rober Goss,
Mr. Wood

Special Effects Bill Morgan, Ralph Wright

Costumes Beth Tebbetts, Designer;
Margaret Tamulonis,
Flora Cross,
Pearl Ware,
Nancy Laquerre,
Kay Goranson;
Hooker-Hower Costumers, Haverhill

Properties and Set Decor Ora Travis and Mrs. Parker Bradley

Make-Up Pearl Ware and Betty Badeau

Wardrobe Administrators Phyllis Hjelm and Flora Cross

House Committee Clifford Monroe, Chairman;
Harry Tong,
Roger Lovejoy,
Edgar Simoneau

Ushers Blanche Cady,
Jean Mayo,
Vera Buckley,
Virginia Smith,
Lili Boyatsis,
Dorothy Boucher,
Rachel Simoneau,
Betty Callahan,
Theresa Houle,
Flora Cross,
Kathryn Wiggin,
Martha Bedard

Tickets Betty Niles,
Sally Morgan,
Robert Callahan

Program Helen Kiratsos,
Frances Peterson,
Ethel Shenton Jones,
Marcelle Houle


Tuesday Unit IV

Wednesday Unit IX

Thursday Unit V