Iolanthe (1957)

Good Shepherd Parish House
June 3 and (through?) 5, 1957

Note: the program book for this production appears to be self-contradictory
with regard to the performance dates. The front cover clearly states Monday
and Wednesday, June 3 and 5; but the staff listings
contained within give separate ticket personnel and ushers for Monday, Tuesday, and

Anyone who remembers this production is invited to clarify this for us by sending e-mail
to [email protected] Until that
happens, it seems best to assume that there were actually three performances,
June 3 through 5.

Dramatis Personae

(in order of appearance)

Leila Betty DerManoogian

Celia Ethel Shenton Jones

Fleta Connie Wood

Queen of the Fairies Marcelle Robichaud

Iolanthe, a Fairy, Strephon’s Mother Lorraine Collins

Strephon, an Arcadian Shepherd Lionel Boucher

Phyllis, an Arcadian Shepherdess and Ward in Chancery Lili Boyatsis

Lord Tolloller William Morgan

Lord Mountararat Maurice Buckley

The Lord Chancellor Leonard Rule

Train Bearer Sidney Tally, Jr.

Trumpeters Robert Cochran, George Cox

Private Willis, a Grenadier Guard Ralph Cudhea

Chorus of Fairies Arlene Annis,
Mary Monroe,
Eileen Kashulines,
Betty Callahan,
Virginia Smith,
Beth Tebbetts,
Kathryn Wiggin,
Frances Peterson,
Claire Joyal,
Ariel Richards,
Louise Stulgis,
Helen Kiratsos

Chorus of Dukes, Marquises, Earls, Viscounts, Barons Edgar Simoneau,
Donald Hurd,
Shannon Trask,
Ralph B. Gould,
George Niles,
Robert Goss,
Harold Annis,
Albin Tamulonis,
James Burns,
Harry Tong,
Wint Cannon,
David Cross


We wish to thank our many friends for their kindness and
generosity for helping make this production possible; especially
are we grateful to our guarantors for their continued support of
this growing organization, as well as: the Rector, Wardens, and
Vestry; Marcelle Robichaud; Johnson’s Electric; Beth Tebbetts.


Producer and Director James A. Wood

Assistant to the Producer and Business Administrator Ethel Shenton Jones

Accompanists Jo Millett and Alice Ohlson Lavoy

Trumpeters Roger Gaskill and Robert Douglas

Stage Manager Carroll Leone

Stage Assistants Robert Hoitt,
George Cox,
Carl Cudhea,
Thomas W. Butt, and
William J. Baybutt

Decor and Scene Painting Damarais Bradley and
Dorothy Goodwin

Scene Construction Bob Hoitt,
Mr. Wood,
William J. Baybutt,
Barbara Hess

Hooker-Howe Costume Co-Haverhill,
Beth Tebbetts, Chairman and Designer;
Barbara Hess, Margaret Tamulonis

Wardrobe Administrator Phyllis Hjelm

Properties and Set Decors Ora Travis

Make-Up Pearl Ware and Betty Badeau


Monday Mrs. Albert Carter and Mrs. Chester Jones

Tuesday Nashua Lions

Wednesday Mrs. Herbert Pembroke and Mr. Clifford Monroe

House Managers Herb and Alice Pembroke


Monday Margaret Tamulonis, Betty Niles and Alice Pembroke

Tuesday Eva Rose Levesque, Vera Buckley and Anne Olshewsky

Wednesday Dorothy Boucher, Flora Cross and Margaret Tamulonis

Unit VI — Mrs. Frank Weibel, Chairman;

Unit VII — Mrs. Philip March, Chairman


Act I   An Arcadian Landscape

(Intermission between acts of twelve minutes)

Act II   Palace Yard, Westminster

Time — About 1700