The Telephone/Ladies of the Mop/Trial by Jury (1956)

Good Shepherd Parish House
May 22 and 23, 1956

The Actorsingers of Nashua


The Telephone
by Gian-Carlo Menotti

An Entr’acte

Ladies of the Mop
by Aurand Harris


Gilbert and Sullivan’s

Trial by Jury

The Telephone

(or “L’Amour a Trois”)


LucyMarietta Vore

BenMaurice Buckley

SCENE: Lucy’s apartment

TIME: The present

Lucy is discovered unwrapping a “precious” gift that Ben,
one of her suitors, has just presented her. Ben, who is trying
to muster enough courage to propose to her, fights a losing battle
for Lucy’s attention with the telephone. He finally gets discouraged,
leaves and phones her from a street corner phone booth, and
proposes by telephone; Lucy accepts, and Ben is pleased.

Ladies of the Mop


AnnieEthel Shenton Jones

MattieConstance Wood

HallieBeth DerManoogian

BessieMarcelle Robichaud

SCENE: A deserted stage

TIME: The present, about 11:30 P.M.

[No notes found in program book, so here’s a blurb found on the web in 2004:

“Four scrubwomen, each with a dream of the stage, perform for one another.”]

Trial by Jury

Dramatis Personae

Foreman of the JuryGeorge S. Niles

UsherThomas W. Butt

Defendant (Edwin)Albert Bedard

The Learned JudgeLeonard Rule

Counsel for PlaintiffMaurice Buckley

Plaintiff (Angelina)Anne Olshewsky

Chorus of Spectators, Gentlemen of the Jury, and BridesmaidsMarcelle Robichaud,
Kathryn Wiggin,
Mary Spalding,
Zoya Shlakis,
Ariel Richards,
Connie Wood,
Jane Saunders,
Beth Tebbetts,
Ethel Shenton Jones,
Arlene Annis,
Virginia Smith,
Betty DerManoogian,
Eileen Kashulines,
David Spring,
Clarke Allard,
James Bergeron,
Sidney Tally,
Jon Vore,
Carl Cudhea,
Harold Annis,
William Neverett, Jr.,
Robert Gingra,
Albin Tamulonis,
Ralph Gould,
Harry Kleiner,
Shannon Trask,
Richard Doyle,
James Burns,
Harry Tong,
Robert Goss,
Herbert Canfield

SCENE: A Courtroom

TIME: About 1860

Edwin, tiring of his sweetheart Angelina, falls in love with another;
and Angelina accordingly hails him into court for breach of promise.
At the rise of the curtain the Usher, while enjoining impartiality on
the Jurymen, shows a definite partiality himself for the fair Plaintiff.
Edwin explains that he simply happened to fall in love with another girl.
Though both Jury and Judge indicate that they have similar episodes
in their own past, they have little sympathy for him.

After the Jury is sworn in, Angelina appears and immediately captivates
all the men present. Her lawyer gives a stirring speech, and she falls
sobbing on his breast.

Edwin proposes various solutions, but in vain. He offers to marry her
if he may marry his other sweetheart later, but her lawyer objects.
Edwin tries to dissuade her from wanting to marry him at all, saying
that when he is drunk he would beat her. The Judge proposes that Edwin
be made drunk to see whether he would, but her lawyer objects.

Finally, the Judge, disgusted at the objections and eager to get away,
married Angelina himself.


We wish to thank our many friends for helping to make this production
possible. Especially do we thank the Rector, Wardens and Vestry,
Johnson’s Electric, New England Telephone and Telegraph Company,
Mrs. John Hess and Avery’s Furniture Store.


Producer and Director James A. Wood

Assistant to the Producer and Business Administrator Ethel Shenton Jones

Accompanists Jo Millett and Alice Lavoy

Stage Assistants George Cox,
Herbert Vore, Jr.,
Chester Jones,
William J. Baybutt,
Carroll Leone

Decor Mr. Wood

Scene Painters Carolyn Foley and George Cox

Hooker-Howe Costume Company
Beth Tebbetts, Barbara Hess
(Vernabelle Longfellow, Wardrobe Administrator)

Make-Up Betty Badeau

Properties and Set Decoration Elizabeth Spring,
Virginia Longfellow,
Amy Lavoie

Tickets Alice and Herb Pembroke,
Mrs. Sidney Tally,
Mrs. L. Hendrickson

Publicity Marcelle Robichaud and Ralph Wright

Official Photographer Ralph Wright

Ushers Nancy Richardson,
Margaret MacDougall,
Paula Scharch,
Carolyn Foley,
Linda Charron,
Marilyn Kantargis,
Betty Robbins,
Cynthia Kantargis

Popcorn Rachel Stephanian

Punch Mrs. Russell Richardson, Mrs. Arthur Calfee (Tuesday);
Mrs. Carl Cudhea, Mrs. C. Wesley Baker, Mrs. Leonard Rule (Wednesday)