West Side Story (2003)

Court Street Theater
October 2-5, 2003

Directed By: Bobby Fonacier
Produced By: Lou Duhamel
Music Direction: Anne Tremblay
Choreographer: Donna O’Bryant
Technical Director: Craig Brennan

Cast of Characters

Maria Allison Duhamel

Tony Jorge Reynolds

Bernardo Darius Harper

Anita Jen Sassak

Riff Bryan Richardson

Anybodys Jackie Saindon

Velma Noelle Andrick

Jet Boys

Baby John Ben Levine

Snow Boy Casey Elsass

Diesel Kai deMello-Folsom

Action Bryan Simons

A-Rab Mike Spaziani

Shark Boys

Chino Danny Pipilas

Indio Dan Crawford

Moose Joe Bruce

Toro Dan Naczas

Pepe Jimmy Foppiano

Jet Girls

Minnie Emily DeJulio

Pauline Katie Farina

Graziella Julie Masson

Heather Heather Munro

Nancy Katie Tocci

Shark Girls

Estella Deborah Bonfanti

Margarita Sarah Bonfanti

Rosalia Larissa Estrada

Josefina Sheryl Gauntlett

Conchita Jacqui Grilli

Francisca Gigi Paul

Kristina Rosemary Quinlan

Doc Valerie Psoinos

Glad Hand Matty Gregg

Detective Schrank David Cote

Officer Krupke John Hickey

Ballet Soloist Julie Masson


Piano Judy Hayward

Keyboard Adam Boroskas

Percussion Judy Bruneau

Special Thanks To

Taggart Ice

Preston Productions

J.C. Penney

Cardin jewelry

Highland Tool Co.

Edgecomb Steel

Chery & Wil Bernstein

Sharon & Mike O’Brien

Technical Cast

Sound Mike O’Keefe, Sr.,
Mark Keller,
Mike O’Keefe, Jr.

Lights Craig Brennan

Stage Manager Lynn Tocci

Assistant Director Jeff Bernard

Accompanist Kei Maeda,
Judy Hayward,
Adam Boroskas

Stage Combat Consultant Paul Metzger

Set Design Bobby Fonacier

Set Construction Lou Duhamel,
Jim Karafelis,
Mark Chantal,
Maureen Keller,
Pat Bonfanti,
Lizette Estrada

Scenic Design Jillian Mitchell

Set Painting Jillian Mitchell,
Katie Farina,
Lynn Tocci,
Maureen Keller,
Lizette Estrada,
Pat Bonfanti,
Aaron Chilelli

Stage Crew Ricky Brooks,
Aaron Chilelli,
Pat Bonfanti,
Denise Saindon,
Scott Saindon,
Lizette Estrada,
Maureen Keller,
Elly Zeira,
Zach Lanzillo,
Emily Ellett,
Elyse Williams

Costumes JoAnn Duhamel

Hair JoAnn Duhamel

Make Up Jon Fisher, JoAnn Duhamel

Tickets Howie Levine, Jackie Levine, Kimmie Levine

Programs Lou Duhamel, Kevin Hauser, Rosemary Quinlan

Publicity Amy Friedman

Photos Brian Richardson

Props Maureen Keller, Lizette Estrada

T-Shirts Lynette Rawding, Brian Simons

Cast Party Howie Levine, Jackie Levine, Ben Levine

Cast Party Chef David Boulia

House/Ushers Jon Fisher,
Cindy Fisher,
Katrina Fisher,
Elaine deMello,
Charlie Pipilas,
Starr Pipilas,
Pat Bonfanti,
Amy Farina,
Lena Keller,
Judy Grilli

Special Effects Jon Fisher, Paul Metzger

Concessions Howie Levine,
Jackie Levine,
Amy Farina,
Naomi Bonfanti,
Dora DeJulio,
Tom Grilli

Poster Design John Harrison, Bobby Fonacier

Art Workshop Jillian Mitchell, Axle Mitchell [??]

Lobby Display Katie Farina,
Gigi Paul,
Larissa Estrada

Move in Crew Shawn Martineau,
Jim Karafelis,
Mark Chantal,
Lou Duhamel

Audition Board Lou Duhamel (Chairperson),
Bobby Fonacier,
Anne Tremblay,
Val Psoinos,
Donna O’Bryant,
Jeff Bernard,
Geoff McAllister

From the Director…

Welcome to “West Side Story”. Most, if not all of you, have read or are familiar with the
story/play this show was based upon — “Romeo and Juliet”, by some guy named Will. A lot of
you have watched the movie as well — yeah, the one with Natalie Wood. And probably a few
of you have seen previous productions of this show. This was the 1st professional American
musical I have seen and since then, I have been mesmerized by the muse of musical theater.
Years later, I was lucky to be a part of the show (as Chino) in Cambridge’s Kresge Auditorium,
when I was doing grad school at MIT. For both, the show was performed in a very large
proscenium stage, which I have always thought of befitting the grandeur of this classic. With
that in mind, it was indeed a challenge when we were given the opportunity to do “West Side
Story” in this theater and make it a very memorable first production for the Teen Actorsingers
of Nashua. But we knew we were up for this challenge, particularly with a cast of very talented
and hardworking youngsters, which gave justice and passion to the dramatics, the music,
and the dance/movement that this show demands. What made it even better was having a
group of dedicated folks who worked days and nights to come up with the quality of sets,
costumes, props, lights, sounds, etc. that surpasses average expectations of community theater
productions. With this caliber of cast and crew in hand, we were confident that we would
all meet our personal goals for this show — and each and every one would give their personal
best. This is a show where everyone involved dug into their hearts and soul to present to you,
the audience, what we hope will be a performance you will remember for quite some time. It
is a timeless story of kids confronted with the aspects of love an hatred as they group up in an
already very complicated world — immortalized in pen centuries ago by Shakespeare, adapted
to the musical stage decades ago by Bernstein, Sondheim, and Laurents, and performed today
by the Teen Actorsingers in their rite-of-passage play.


Bobby Fonacier

Directory, “West Side Story”

Synopsis of Scenes

Act I

Scene 1 Street

Prologue Riff, Jet Boys, Bernardo & Shark Boys, Shrank & Krupke

Scene 2 Doc’s Sign

Something’s Coming Tony & Riff

Scene 3 Bridal Shop

Maria, Anita, Bernardo, Chino

Scene 4 Gym

Maria Tony

Scene 5 Alleyway

Tonight Tony & Maria; Maria’s Papa & Mama

America Bernardo & Anita; Shark Boys & Girls

Scene 6 Doc’s

Gee Riff & Jet Boys, Jet Girls, Krupke

Scene 7 Bridal Shop

One Hand, One Heart Tony & Maria

Scene 8 Street

Tonight Tony, Maria & Anita, Riff & Jet Boys, Bernardo & Shark Boys

Scene 9 Street

Rumble Riff & Jet Boys, Bernardo & Shark Boys, Tony

Act II

Scene 1 Bedroom

I Feel Pretty Maria & Shark Girls

He Killed Your Brother Maria, Chino & Tony

Somewhere Ballet

Scene 2 Street

Cool Jet Boys & Girls

Scene 3 Bedroom

A Boy Like That Maria, Anita, Tony & Schrank

Scene 4 Doc’s

Jet Boys & Girls, Anita, Doc

Scene 5 Doc’s

Tony and Doc

Scene 6 Street