The Hobbit (1988)

Nashua High School?
1988? — jed’s guess. anyone know?

The Junior Actorsingers Present


Music by Allan Jay Friedman

Lyrics by David Rogers

Book by Ruth Perry

Based on the novel

“The Hobbit” by JRR Tolkien


(In Order of Appearance)

Frodo Baggins Reuben Ackerman

Bilbo Baggins Randy Harrison

Gandalf the Great Jennifer Braffit

Thorin Oakenshield Robert Burns

Balin Erin Ackerman

Dwalin Whitney Smith

Oin Derek Levesque

Gloin Cindy Hunter

Kili Jill Siegel

Fili Elizabeth Pilat

Dori Becki Clay

Ori Corrie Abraham

Bifur Jessica McCoy

Bofur Glenn Levesque

William the Troll Reuben Ackerman

Tom the Troll Keith Levesque

Bert the Troll Ross Mihalko

The Great Goblin Steven Strout*

Goblin Patrol Leader Matthew Pilat*

Goblin Slaves Laura Gellman*, Michelle Gellman*

Goblin Councellors Stephanie Danner*, Elizabeth Charest*

Gollum Keith Levesque

Elven King Jeffrey Gefen

Galion Elizabeth Charest*

Turnkey Stephanie Danner*

Smaug Ross Mihalko

Auctioneer Kathan Doherty*

Mrs. Sackville Baggins Michelle Gellman*

Mother Hobbit Laura Gellman*

* Appearing in Chorus also


Jared Holland — piano

Kevin Reed — drums


Entire production staged by Jeremy Catland & Dan Clay

Musical direction by Robert Michael Wright

Accompanist Jared Holland

Production Coordinator Sue Bechard

Stage Manager Sue Bechard

Lighting John McAllister

Lighting engineers Dan Corzelius & Bryant Bickford

Sound David Adler

Costumes Diane Clay

Make-up Carl Andruskevich,
Becki Adler,
Michelle Golden,
Regina Napolitano,
Sue Foti,
Niki Molloy,
Jolynn Voldini,
Kathy Wing

Program Donna O’Bryant

Tickets Betty Callahan

Set Design & Construction Jeremy Catland,
Sue Bechard,
Ted Rusomanis,
Donna O’Bryant,
Mallory Muller

Stage Crew Karin Harvey,
Jennifer Digilio,
Cindy Bruce,
Donna O’Bryant,
Amy Lewis

Props Dan Clay


Mr. and Mrs. Ackerman,
Alison Wiza,
Beth Landry,
Judith Cudhea,
Diane and Bruce Clay,
David Kasok,
Jed Holland,
John McAllister,
Kerry Sullivan,
The Dramatic Publishing Company,
The Country Bear of Milford

Synopsis of Scenes


Scene 1 (In Front of Bilbo’s Hobbit Hole)

“I Gandalf…” Gandalf

“Eleven Mighty Dwarves” Thorin & Dwarves

“Adventure” Gandalf

“No, Thank you” Bilbo

“Eleven Mighty Dwarves” Thorin, Gandalf, Bilbo & Dwarves

Scene 2 (Forest)

“The Tale of Two Frogs” Bilbo & Dwarves

Scene 3 (Forest)

Scene 4 (Goblin Camp in the Forest)

Scene 5 (Forest)

“Eleven Mighty Dwarves” Thorin, Gandalf, Bilbo & Dwarves

“Eleven Mighty Dwarves” (parody) Goblins

Scene 6 (Forest Tunnel)

“Riddle me this” Gollum

Scene 7 (Forest)

“Mirkwood” Gandalf, Bilbo, Thorin & Dwarves


Scene 1 (Forest of Mirkwood)

“Mirkwood” Thorin, Bilbo & Dwarves

Scene 2 (Dungeons of the Elves)

“Eleven Mighty Dwarves” Thorin, Balin, & Bilbo

“Invisibility” Bilbo

Scene 3 (Forest)

“I Want to go Home” Bilbo

Scene 4 (The Cave of the Great Dragon Smaug)

Scene 5 (In front of Bilbo’s Hobbit Hole)

“Fare Thee Well” Thorin, Bilbo & Dwarves