Call for Proposals – Junior Show 2022

The Actorsingers are looking for interested teams to propose a musical Junior Show for next year. Court Street dates are March 6th to the 13th, 2022. Court Street currently has mandates in place requiring mask use and social distancing. The available audience seats are also limited to 133.

Junior Actorsingers shows are open to kids in grades 3 to 8 and are an important part of our offerings to nurture the next generation of Actorsingers. Some of our now adult members started onstage in the program.

Teams who are proposing a Junior Show should include the following in their submissions.

• The name of the proposed show
• Resumes of the proposed directorial team
• Other proposal specifics listed here

Your team’s proposal and team resumes must be submitted using this Google submission form no later than 11:59 on Monday, November 1st. Applicants will be given an interview time for the evening of Thursday, November 4th after 7pm.

If you have any questions, email
For a sample budget, email

*We were unable to secure licensing for James and the Giant Peach and have decided to move ahead so that we can offer a Junior show for 2022.