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In the Spotlight Ruth Pack 

Plays in the female ensemble in Les Misérables

Ruth Pack

Ruth resides in Hollis, New Hampshire and auditioned for Les Misérables as she loves the music and wanted the opportunity to sing it!

Ruth has sung with Actorsingers Holiday Stroll and this is her first main-stage production with Actorsingers, in fact this is her first community theatre performance in the area as all her prior performances have been in Tennessee and New Jersey.

When Ruth first found out she was cast she was both surprised and humbled!  She was looking for challenging singing opportunities, and the chance to become someone different for a few hours!

Ruth is part of the ensemble and plays several parts, all of whom are poor and desperate to survive. She tries to imagine how she would feel and react if she could not feed her children and had no hope of things getting better until the students unveil their plan. What is her most challenging part of bringing her role to life?  Not just trying to look poor and desperate but BEING poor and desperate!

Ruth’s earliest theatre memory was going to see The Barber of Seville, Carmen, and The Mikado with her mother and grandmother when she was very young.

What does Ruth do for fun and work when she isn’t working in the theater?  She is a worship leader, vocalist, and bassist for the worship team at Trinity Baptist Church in Nashua, and also a recovery room nurse at Elliot Hospital.  

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In the Spotlight Kate Gaudet 

Plays in the female ensemble in Les Misérables

Kate originally from Portland, Oregon and most recently Clearwater, Florida, was an Air Force brat and also married someone in the Air Force. Kate and her husband like to say they are from pretty much everywhere, you name it and they have probably lived there.

Kate’s “FAVORITE SHOW EVER” has seen it 5 times - once on Broadway in the early 90's, the rest were touring companies throughout the years.  The music is so stirring - gets her every time!  Still brings tears to her eyes.

This is Kate’s first production with Actorsingers and when she found out she was cast as Old Woman #2 she jumped up and screamed “YES!!!!!” Her favorite characters have always been the "not so beautiful" ones.  Crazy, blacked-out teeth, wild hair, a hunchback, Kate says “BRING IT ON!!” with this role.

Kate’s earliest theatre memory was when she played "Susie Snowflake" in the Christmas Pageant in 6th grade but then went the sports route in high school. She came back to the theatre game much later - did her first community theatre show when she was 28.  She loved it so much she went back to school to get her Theatre (Acting) degree, than she decided her senior year in college she would like to direct so went back to school in the BFA program for Directing.  Kate has been at it ever since!

  When you ask Kate what she does for fun and work when she isn’t working in the theater?  She’s likely to respond “There's something besides theatre??”

What does Kate get from theater?  It’s the friendship and the bonding that develops through working on a show.  There is no other collaboration like it.  Whenever, or wherever she has moved over the years, all she had to do was audition for a show and BAM! Instant friendship!  She looks forward to all the new friendships she will make in this cast!

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Article about our upcoming production of Les Misérables 

in the Nashua Telegraph



Article about our upcoming production of Les Misérables in the 10/31/2013 Nashua Telegraph can be read here .

Tickets still available ticket info.



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In the Spotlight Matt Kaiser 

Plays Feuilly in Les Misérables

Matt Kaiser


Matt Kaiser is from Merrimack, NH.  “Les Misérables” is his first theatre production out of college.  He plays Feuilly, one of the student revolutionaries, and the hardest part of playing this role has been trying to imagine having such a devotion to a cause that you are willing to die for it. All of that pride, anger and hope has to come out in the songs that we sing.

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In the Spotlight Kathy LeClair  

Plays in the female ensemble in Les Misérables

Kathy LeClair


Kathy is from Chester, New Hampshire and auditioned this past August for Les Misérables as it was one of her favorite shows.  She found out she was cast while on a golf course and was so excited she started jumping up and down, now that must have been a sight! Kathy has been performing in Actorsingers shows for over 20 years and plays an Old beggar in this production. She got the theatre bug in Kindergarten when she saw the Nutcracker and fell in love at that moment with the stage. Why does Kathy perform? She gets a personal satisfaction of making the audience happy.

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In the Spotlight Darcy Rae Hinkle 

Plays Young Cosette in Les Misérables

Darcy Hinkle


Darcy is the 3rd generation of her family to participate in Actorsingers! Her grandparents Raul Gual and Sara Gual were involved as board members and on stage in the late 1960s. Her mother, Gillian Hinkle played in the pit orchestra for several shows and her brother, Robert Gual performed on stage with Actorsingers as a teen and again later as an adult.

Darcy loves the show Les Misérables and has performed on stage with Actorsingers in Stuart Little and Seussical. She was really excited to be cast in the show and even more excited that her friend Ben was cast too.

Darcy’s  plays young Cosette when asked how does she connects to her character, she responds “I DON"T KNOW! Well, we are both dreamers!”  She finds her most challenging part of bringing her role to life is not laughing because she knows they are really mean. What Darcy enjoys about theatre different from anything else she does is she gets to be someone else for a while.

Her earliest theatre memory is when she had to run to the back of the auditorium, in the dark, over and over again!

For fun when she isn’t involved in theater she is involved with soccer, drawing, oboe and First Lego League.

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In the Spotlight Laura Pierce 

Plays in the female ensemble in “Les Misérables”




Laura Pierce is from Manchester, NH and plays in the female ensemble in “Les Misérables”.   “Les Mis” has been on her bucket list of shows for a while so she looks forward to being part of the production.  “Les Mis”  is her fifth production with Actorsingers  and she has also performed with  Stagecoach  Productions, The Majestic Theatre and Windham Performing Arts.  Being a newlywed, she relates closely to her character in Act II and the fear of losing someone you love.


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In the Spotlight Larry Seiler 

Plays Brujon and 5 other ensemble characters

Larry SeilerLarry Seiler is from West Boylston, MA. In “Les Misérables,” he plays six different ensemble characters including a brutal prison guard, then rises to the level of constable.  He also carouses in the Thenardiers' low tavern.  Ten years later, He’s in Paris as Brujon, a more brutal member of the Thenardier gang who disappears at the end of Act 1, but he returns as the (off-stage) French army officer, end the show as the Major Domo at Marius' and Cosette's wedding.

Larry says playing six characters was challenging at first but as the process went on it got easier.  When asked what he likes the best about theatre, Seiler stated “Musical theater allows me to more completely be the person singing the song. What is more, musical theater is filled with characters who are singing about the most important thing in their life at that moment. That experience is essential to me, and the chance to share such songs with people who want to hear is the biggest thing I get from musical theater -- and I get it there more than anywhere else. It's especially good when achieved in the camaraderie of a group committed to giving all they have to the audience.”

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Les Misérables  

2 Weekends Only!

Set in early 19th-century France, it is the story of Jean Valjean, a burly French peasant of abnormal strength and potentially violent nature, and his quest for redemption after serving nineteen years in jail for having stolen a loaf of bread for his starving sister's child.

Valjean decides to break his parole and start his life anew after a kindly bishop inspires him to,but he is relentlessly tracked down by a police inspector named Javert.

Along the way, Valjean and a slew of characters are swept into a revolutionary period in France,where a group of young idealists make their last stand at a street barricade.



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Music Man Director Team  


We are happy to announce the Direction Team for The Music Man!


Director - Kathy Lovering
Music Director - Jed Holland
Choreographer - Martha Daniels Holland

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