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Actorsingers NHCTA Festival Cast

Congratulations to the Cast !


Thank you to everyone who came out to audition for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest last night. We are excited to announce the cast list:

Chief Bromden - Joe Reilly

Dale Harding - Paul Battaglia

Billy Bibbit - Jacob Duby

Scanlon - Mike Colena

Cheswick - Matt Zielonko

Martini - Robbie Hyde

Ruckly - Jonah Rivers

Randle McMurphy - Colin Malette

Dr. Spivey/Announcer Voice Technician - Justin Fredenburg

Nurse Ratched - Valerie Schillawski

Nurse Flinn - Sara Landry

Aide Turkle - Heather McCormack

Aide Warren - Alyssa Vautier

Aide Williams - Carolyn Scalia

Candy Starr - Mackenzie Goodwin

Sandra - Kae Ryenne

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Cannibal Cast List 



Cannibal Cast


Alferd Packer -- Robbie Hyde

Shannon Wilson Bell -- Austin Dionne

Polly Pry -- Patrice Doherty

Lianne -- Lara Hyde

Frenchy Cabazon -- Laura Millar

Indian Chief -- Brianna Arico

Frank Miller -- Logan Higgins

James Humphrey -- Sam Campanella

Israel Swan -- Colin Malette

George Noon -- Phil Laks

O.D. Loutzenheiser --  Hailey Sullivan

Preston Nutter -- Lo Dillon

Sheriff/Judge/Indian -- Heather McCormack

Jesus/Humphrey's Dad -- Connor Forbes

Noon's Dad/Mr. Mills -- John Thornton

Cyclops -- Alex DelGreco

Doomed Guy/Squaw/Tiny Tim -- Sara Landry

The General Store Owner/Indian 1 -- Alleah Rosatano

Alien/Indian 2 -- Katherine Maddox



Snow Dancers

Colin Malette

Lara Hyde

Katherine Maddox

Bri Arico

Patrice Doherty

Hailey Sullivan

Alleah Rosatano


Dream Ballet Dancers

Robbie Hyde

Heather McCormack

Lara Hyde

Laura Millar

Lo Dillon

Sara Landry

Bri Arico

Hailey Sullivan

Alleah Rosatano


Cast members, please look for an invite to a FaceBook group for the Cast and Crew!
Congratulations to All!
A HUGE thank you to all who auditioned and to all that helped at the auditions!


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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee - 2019 (cast) 


The 25th Annual Putnam County  Spelling Bee


Rona Lisa Peretti:  Paige Boyon
Vice Principal Panch:  Jonah Savage
Mitch Mahoney:  Garrett Robinson
Marcy Park:  Alyssa Saunders
Olive Ostrovsky:  Casey Ingraham
Logaine Shawartzandgrubbanierre:  Katie Manchester
Chip Tolentino:  Thomas Belanger
Leaf Connybear:  Shane Gillis
William Barfee:  Stephen O'Hearn
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Music Man JR - cast list (2019) 

Music Man JR.

Cast in order of appearance


Conductor                                 Jacob Fain

Salesmen on Train                    Lily Schneider, Magen Lynch, 

                                                  Jillian Norway, Ava Pascall

Newspaper Readers                 Vanessa O’Connell, Lily Carlson,

                                                  Jonah Fain                  

Charlie Cowell                           Christopher Holland

Harold Hill                                  Stefan Duncan

Mayor Shinn                              Cameron Widtfeldt

Alma Hix                                    Cara Berman

Ethel Toffelmier                          Caroline Kelly

Farmer                                       CJ Furze

Farm Wife                                  Eve Berube

J.C. Squires                              Claudia Herger

Olin Britt                                    Lily Carlson

Ewart Dunlop                            Vanessa Carlson

Oliver Hix                                  Molly Sullivan

Marcellus Washburn                Travis Spencer

Marian Paroo                           Jennifer Epstein

Mrs. Paroo                               Rebekah Savage

Amaryllis                                  Mia Powers

Winthrop Paroo                        Charlotte Cardone

Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn       Autumn Fichera

Constable Locke                     Jack McAllister

Gracie Shinn                            Rose Berube

Maud                                        Fiona Furze

Tommy Djilas                           Jack Charest

Zaneeta Shinn                         Catherine Marvin

Mrs. Squires                            Jillian Norway

WaTanYe Girls                        Rebecca Carey, Annie Charest,

                                               Charlotte Charest, Angelyna DeJesus,

                                               Grace Kelly, Varvara Rappoport,

                                               Lilah Sullivan

Town boys                              Jacob Fain, Jonah Fain, Maybelline Hitzeman

Ladies of River City:               Danica Adams, Sarah Seddon,

                                              Talia SanSoucie, Annabelle Hitzeman

Men of River City:                   Magen Lynch, Ava Pascall,

                                               Lily Schneider, Vanessa O’Connell

Featured Dancers:                 Cara Berman, Fiona Furze,

                                              Caroline Kelly, Magen Lynch,

                                              Jillian Norway, Ava Pascall, Molly Sullivan             

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Pippin Cast List - 2018 

We've Got Magic To Do!

Cast List

Congratulations to the Cast of Pippin! 


*1st rehearsal will be Sunday Aug 12 @ 6 PM, with a pot luck supper and read through. If you can bring something to share for the potluck that would be great. 

We've Got magic To Do!


PIPPIN – Eric Berthiaume

CHARLEMAGNE – James Middleton

BERTHE – Kerry Schneider

FASTRADA - Becca Tarr

CATHERINE – Caity Glover

LEWIS – Doug Reed

THEO – Sophia Battaglia

MANSON TRIO – Jen Ryder, Sarah Wenrich


Barb Amaral

Kayleen Bertrand

Cheri Birch

Sam Campanella

Tina Cassidy

Lo Dillon

Patrice Doherty

Lauren Friedman

Victoria Gill

Jed Holland

Holli Kenison

Joel King

Amanda Langer

Kelli Loughlin

Kelsey Marot

Hailey Mierzwa

Amara  Phelps

Angèlica Rosenthal  

Samantha Searls

Erik Shaffer

Don Smith-Weiss

Nicole Straussberg

Samantha Weiss

Jessica Wells


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Reefer Madness Cast List - 2018  


      Book by Kevin Murphy & Dan Studney

 Music by Dan Studney

 Lyrics by Kevin Murphy

Originally directed by ANDY FICKMAN and produced by STEPHANIE STEELE for DEAD OLD MAN PRODUCTIONS

                  Orchestrations by David Manning & Nathan Wang


Cast List



Jimmy Harper - Jacob Duby

Lecturer - Joey T

Mary Lane - Mackenzie Goodwin

Jack Stone - Matt Zielonko

Mae - Jessica Vaughn

Ralph Wiley - Joshua Fredette

Sally - Alicia Vigeant

Placard Girl - Christie Conticchio

Jesus, Mr. Poppy - Mike Colena

Brownie Girl - Kaitlin Smith

Ensemble - Malcolm Brea, Logan Higgins, Carolyn Scalia, Kaitlin Smith, Christie Conticchio, Patrice Doherty, Samuel Campanella

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Damn Yankees Cast List -2018  

Congratulations !


Damn Yankees Cast
Joe Boyd/Hardy -- Sam Cohen
Lola -- Katie Manchester
Mr. Applegate -- Joel King
Meg Boyd -- Mackenzie Goodwin
Gloria Thorpe -- 
Benny Van Buren -- David Benard
Baseball Trio:
Rocky -- Shane Gillis
Smokey -- Samuel Campanella
Vernon -- Brian Nguyen
Doris -- Gabriella Navarrete
Sister -- Hailey Sullivan
Welch, the owner of the team -- Maddie Burke
News Reporter Lynch -- Lela Spira-Savette
The commissioner -- Alyssa Saunders
Sohovick -- Ella Conant
Linville --  Elizabeth Finlayson
Henry -- Aleah Rostana
Bryant -- Theresa Carbonneau
Lowe -- Caitlyn Evans 
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Sister Act Cast - 2018  

Sister Act Cast

Congratulations !

Deloris Van Cartier - Maria Hendricks

Mother Superior - Martha Holland

Sister Mary Robert - Ashley Swanson

Sister Mary Patrick - Lucy Spencer

Sister Mary Lazarus - Kerry Schneider

Monsignor O’Hara - John Nolan

Curtis - Teddy Hendricks

Eddie – James Middleton

TJ - Phil Laks

Joey - Adam Harding

Pablo - Robbie Hyde

Sister Mary Martin-of Tours – Cheri Birch

Sister Mary Theresa – Catherine Andruskevich

Michelle - Madison Blakeman

Tina - Alicia Chouinard

Ernie - Jacob Duby

Nuns -

Alicia Chouinard

Christie Conticchio

Danielle Nobles

Hailey Gallagher

Kathy LeClair

Lynda Aramento

Madison Blakeman

Pam Thornhill

Sarah Desaulniers

Susan Abis

Theresa Clawson

Tina Cassidy

Victoria Gill


Fantasy/Homeless Dancers

Alicia Chouinard

Danielle Nobles

Jacob Duby

Kathy LeClair

Lynda Aramento

Tina Cassidy


Bartender – Theresa Clawson

Bar Patrons – Victoria Gill, Sarah Desaulniers

Hooker – Hailey Gallagher

Cop – Pam Thornhill

Waitress – Christie Conticchio

Cab Driver – Susan Abis

Newscaster – Hailey Gallagher

Drag Queen - Logan Higgins

Pope – Gil Chouinard



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SHREK Cast List (2018) 



Emma Charest, Grace Harris, Ashlee Melanson, Emma Pearl

MAMA OGRE: Sophia Desilets

PAPA OGRE: Peter Headington


SHREK: Ben Morton

PINOCCHIO: Serra Sullivan

BIG BAD WOLF: Charlotte Cardone

3 LITTLE PIGS:  Mary Holland, Magen Paris, Briana Turcotte

WICKED WITCH: Theresa Carbonneau

PETER PAN: Fiona Furze


MAMA BEAR: Autumn Fichera

PAPA BEAR: Peter Headington

BABY BEAR: Grace Kelly

GINGY: Addy Martin

PUSS IN BOOTS: Jackson Chittister

DWARF: Jack Charest

BISHOP: Regina Girouard

FAIRYTALE ENSEMBLE: Annie Charest, Angelyna DeJesus, Charlotte Edwards

DONKEY: Julian Jagentenfl


DRAGON: Autumn Fichera

YOUNG FIONA: Annie Charest

TEEN FIONA: Mariko Coffey


OGRE FIONA: Sophia Desilets


RATS: Danica Adams, Cara Berman, Rebecca Carey, Mary Caron, Annabelle

Hintzeman, Lucie Hodgdon, Caroline Kelly, Brianna Sawyer, Molly Sullivan

KNIGHTS: Evie Berube, Cat Busby, Lily Carlson, Shania Goodison, Chris Holland, Ellie

King, Lauren Puoplo, Aubrey Saylor, Lily Schneider

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Drowsy Chaperone Cast List (2017) 

Cast List

Congratulations to the cast! First rehearsal is Monday Aug 14 at 7 pm*


Man in Chair                    Christopher Szczerba

Janet Van de Graff          Eliza Baxter

Robert                              Dylan Mahalingam 

George                             Matthew Zielonko

Mrs. Tottendale               Martha  Daniels Holland

Underling                         Glen Grimard

Adolpho                           Ed Siegal

Drowsy Chaperone         Erin Maitland

Mr. Feldzieg                     Joey T.

Kitty                                  Mia Berardi

Gangster 1                       Joel King

Gangster 2                       Ben Levine

Trix                                   Meredith Thompson

Superintendent               TBD       



Tim Bomil 

Sam Campanella 

Cameron Cassella

Emerson Demers

Patrice  Doherty   

Chris Estrada   

Kathy LeClair   

Laura Millar   

Danielle Nobles

Mackenzie Ozaroff

Jennifer Ryder

Hailey Sullivan  

Lynn Vaillancourt

Sarah Wenrich

Jo-Ann  Zall

Zakara Tber


*We will have read through on Monday night, Full cast music rehearsal Wednesday night, we will be working on a more detailed schedule which will be posted as soon as it's done.
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